Led Light Kits - Evan Designs:
They send the order out so quickly. Love them!
 --Fire for inside of mantel:
 I use the 1.8mm (the pico work great too) with the 3 volt battery and holder. And I take the 14 inch wire(you can never have too much wire!)
I needed an order right away. I phoned and the lady went to pull the kit I needed and sent it to me right away. I got the package the next day. That's great customer service!



-Birch wood strips for siding:

-Tempered Hardboard:


-Purple, pink, yellow, white flower spray-

-Round leaf vine-

-tiny leaf vine(the one I use the most)-'s-Breath-Garland/p/8668

-unfinished kayak:

-Tacky Putty for hanging pictures and keeping things in place:

-moss mat:

-The Ultimate Easy Cutter: