Saturday, March 16, 2024

Blythe's Paris Getaway Custom Roombox Dollhouse 1:6 Scale

 A 1/6 playscape roombox dollhouse for Blythe. This one is called Blythe's Paris Getaway and it includes the doll!

The doll is a factory head with a fully articulated body. She will come to you in the outfit you see in the photos. She is barefoot. Her hair is alpaca blonde with almost white highlights.Alpaca wool requires gentle grooming! Her Pure Neemo body is fully pose able so you can have tons of fun taking pictures of her. Her clothing is handmade.
Her face has been customised as follows:
Base doll: Factory
Body: Azone Pure Neemo S
Face: sanded front and back plates, carved lips, carved philtrum, carved nose and nose holes, carved chin and face, face up, handpainted eyelids,  sleepy/boggled eyes, gaze correction.
Sealed: MSC
Hair: Grand Champion Alpaca
Eyechips: custom and stock
Clothes: Cinderella Moments original nightgown.
Pulls:  glass dome handpainted pull, moon pull

The interior has a large window with balloon style curtains. The wallpaper on that wall is pink toile and polka dots at the bottom. The 2 other walls are vertical wood boards trimmed with sumptuous embellishments. The mansard ceiling is also trimmed with wood and embellishments. The light fixture is custom and handmade. It has a working light in the middle.

Dollhouse measures: 18 1/4" tall x 14 3/4" deep x 15 3/4" across.
                       interior:  17" tall x 14" deep x 14 3/4"  across.
The exterior is plaster and embellishments. Dressed with adorable vines of white and pink flowers. 

She has teeth!

This Blythe and her dollhouse are available in my Etsy shop:


  1. What a sweet girl I remember your early tutorials on how to customize Blythe. Love the eyelids--typical you. The room is precious and sweet. I can predict that you will be doing more of these one of a kind duos.

  2. Que maravilla de habitación, es una preciosidad, al igual que la muñeca.
    Todo muy lindo !!!!!

  3. This is beautiful. The roses and the painted details get to me. And what you painted on her eyelids is gorgeous. I love all of it!!!

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