Sunday, July 26, 2009

Steward Custom Commissioned Miniature House

The above is a picture Amy Steward emailed me of her father-in-law's old house. I could not see details or colors so I made some stuff up! Amy knew the house was white, so I and fellow twitters DecoratedHouse and HolidaySparkle went searching the net for clues. We found that most white houses had white trim, but the photos suggested the trim had color. So I decided on a tan color.

I included 2 ferns because I think I see some on the pictures! Making the front door is always the most rewarding. Love doors!

Here are the little steps and railings. Wouldn't want anyone to fall off the porch! I did do a real lattice. You can't see it very well here.

I tried out brick colored chimneys, but in the end I thought white chimneys looked more elegant.
Here are the bricks up close. I made them out of a concrete mix. It was fun!
I love making this Federal style house. I also love the Colonial style(well it's almost the same)! So that's it. Another little cottage done!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Now This is a Birthday Greeting! Primitive Style Mouse Pin Cushion

This is an extra large pincushion! It's 10.5" X 9" wide. She's ready for the party with her tall party hat, her gifts and her big happy grin!

She's even got eyelashes!!
The pink tomato is hand dyed cotton covered with crystal seed beads and velvet leaves. The mouse stands on a luxurious purple and green ribbon trimming. Makes for a very festive little creature! :)
Her little gifts are pins. They are wrapped with wrapping paper and topped with bows. I made the candles out of wood and made the flames with hot glue.
The Happy Birthday To You sign was a must! It's stuck on with a pearl pin.
*It's available at my etsy shop or contact me at and I can send you a paypal invoice directly.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Into Halloween!

O.K. for the past few days, I've totally been into Halloween. I guess the over 100 degree temperature is getting to my brain. I started off the witch's house, then to my Great Pumpkin box & pumpkin pincushion,
then my spooky mansion bookmarks, and now I'm working on a Spooky Hollow Itsy Bitsy Village! I hope to finish it tomorrow. Is anyone else out there in the Halloween mood?