Thursday, March 17, 2011

Back on the Market! Kotton Kandy Dollhouse New Orleans Shabby

The Kotton Kandy New Orleans Shabby Chic dollhouse is for sale again! Just like a real house, the sale fell through!! After some thought, Deborah decided she didn't know how her doll would look in the dollhouse. I'm not a doll owner myself, so I told her if she had doubts she should probably restrain from this purchase. She's not familiar with the 12" scale. Her doll is almost 6" tall. Anyone out there know if this is the right size for a 12 inch scale?


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Kotton Kandy Kit Dollhouse: New Orleans Shabby Chic Finished

I finished the Kotton Kandy New Orleans Shabby Chic dollhouse. I must say this one was the easiest one I've done yet. The kit by Melissa and Doug is very easy to put together and doesn't have too many parts. Although it's more expensive, it might be worth it if this is your first dollhouse. I did another shabby chic dollhouse with it. I can't help it! I must have shabby chic blood running through my veins!
The roof is dollhouse pine shingles. I made a water down mix of black and lots of cream paint. Mixed it a very little bit. And bathed the shingles in. Let them air fry and you get these terrific shades of gray,cream, dark gray.
This room needed a pink crystal chandelier. It is not a working one. Just one to look pretty.
The downstairs one is also just for show and doesn't light up. I thought I would use a battery operated one but I didn't want any cords. So I used a nonworking chandelier.
I made this chandelier with wire I curled with pliers, painted all white with handmade roses.
This pink one is the same process except I used pink glass beads on the wires.
I made bunting for the house warming party. It's hand dyed pink and tea stained cotton on a twine string with pink buttons.


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Kotton Kandy Kit Dollhouse: New Orleans Shabby Chic

I did a lot of details today.
I attached one of the roof parts and made some flower boxes.
These are mulberry paper roses I got on sale at the store. I just love the pale purple and white roses together. I put moss at the bottom of the box. The box is 4 pieces of scrap wood(no back needed).
The bottom window box is slightly tilted forward so you can easily see the contents.
And guess how I made the design on the boxes. Hot glue! Then paint the boxes cream and highlight with a burnt golden brown. So easy!

I put some moss here and there on the front porch.
I made the curtains. The downstairs ones are striped silk taffeta. These are perfect for dollhouses because they hold their shape. These are tan, gold and a burnt deep pink.
This is the upstairs attic window. I used a tea stained lace with cream bows.
I glued the topiary in place and made a pink polka dot welcome mat.
These topiary are place card holders for weddings from the craft store. They are only a couple of dollars. I painted some cream on the brown pots and added a ballet pink bow to each.
The door mat is a piece of pink felt with white painted polka dots.
The last thing I did today is this porch roof. I used a piece of cardboard, wrapped it with foil and glued it in place.
This is the side that I glued down.You can see how simple this is to wrap.
I bent the corners down.
I wasn't sure how the paint would work. But it turned out great. I used the burnt golden brown and smeared it on with my fingers.
It looks a lot like rust. I might add another layer of a different color tomorrow for more depth. I think a little bit of brown would look good.
Tomorrow I will try to get the shingles on. I have already dyed them a light gray color and they are drying. I also have to get going on the crystal chandeliers.

Monday, March 14, 2011

The Kotton Kandy Kit Dollhouse: Gone New Orleans Style!

I finished off the floor with a little color. Not as dark as the downstairs though. And a coat of gloss finish.
I continued with the torn wallpaper idea in the attic. It is only on this one wall. The paper is a robin egg blue with beautiful pink roses.
I also put the front porch on. I want the top of the porch roof to be some sort of metal look. Maybe a dark weathered bronze or copper.
I'm now painting the underside of the roof(the attic walls). It is a blue with a coat of green on top, antiqued. Will post more!

Friday, March 11, 2011

The Kotton Kandy Kit Dollhouse: Gone New Orleans Style!

Today, I put the upstaris floor in. It's pine popsicle sticks. I want a very rustic look, so I made sure to have plenty of cracks and missing pieces. I'm not sure what color it will be yet. I love the natural pine. I have to see if I can make it work with the dark downstairs floor.

I also painted the porch stones.
The posts are also painted and ready to go.
The porch will get a coat of antiquing and some moss between the stones.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Kotton Kandy Kit Dollhouse

Today, I did the Kotton Kandy downstairs floor, molding, and stone porch floor.
For the downstairs floor I tried something new. First, I measured out the grid for my planks right on the kit floor. I then took a little screwdriver with a pointed tip and went over my lines. It created a nice shadow line.
I painted the floor with a half black/half brown paint mix.
I added some highlights in the wood and a couple of coats of gloss.
I put the top molding and the finished ceiling up. Both were done with my hot glue technique. All I do is make draw a design and follow those lines with the hot glue. A few coats of paint and it looks just like tin!
This house reminds me more of a New Orleans house then a Gustavian! I might have to change my title for this one.
I still need to paint the bottom molding and glue it in place.

I applied the concrete porch floor. I used an artist spatula to spread a thin coat of concrete.
This is the stuff I use. You can get it at any home improvement store. The question I get most often is whether this makes the dollhouse too heavy. It doesn't. I use thin layers most of the times. But even when I carve out full size rocks the weight is not an issue at all. 
After a little smoothing out, I use an old exacto knife to draw the stones.
The next step will be to add color to the stone.