Sunday, January 28, 2018

Whispering Brook Cottage Dollhouse Finished

And now Whispering Brook Cottage dollhouse with some character added!
I tried to photograph the aqua house and lavender door. But it does not really show up well. The aqua looks more like a light green on the photos.
 The house is 18 1/2" tall x 17" across x 18" deep.
 There is just a touch more blue in the green that does not really show up in the pictures.
 The aging is done with brown ink pads. You can use hard bristle brushes to get into tiny space.

 The medallion above the window is by Melissa Frances.
The number above the door is a Tim Holtz plaquette from Michael's. It's real metal and a good size for 1/12 houses.
 This house is a commission for Beth who loves Cath Kidston. So I kept the exterior and interior nice and simple enough in the color temperature. Nothing too wild. This way everything will fit perfectly together. No matter how many colors or patterns are introduced. I already saw a peek at a table going in here. It's going to look marvelous Beth!

Thank you for coming and looking at this project!  I'm on to the next commission for Tracy.
Have a great week!

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Whispering Brook Cottage Dollhouse Continued

Next for Whispering Brook Cottage is a coat of paint. Beth requested an aqua color with the lavender door. It's a bit hard to capture the soft aqua and lavender on camera though.
 All the bricks and stones have been done with premixed concrete and painted.

Next, a bit of aging on the walls, vines and yards. And it will be all done. I just wanted you to see the house before the final touches. You would never think the little details like aging would make such a difference in the end product. But it adds so much character.

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Whispering Brook Cottage- A Commissioned Project Dollhouse

My project this week is Whispering Brook Cottage. This dollhouse was commissioned by Beth. It's a copy of In Tatters but with different colors.
Here is the start of the house. The walls and floor are glued together.
This is the bump out addition. 
The interior is all white washed.
The beams are in place upstairs and downstairs.
The upstairs has a wallpaper accent wall with lilacs.

 Next step a few more details added. Like putting the windows and surround trim on.
 The door is soft lavender.
 This wall has horizontal siding.

 The bump out roof is on. The chimney which holds the batteries and switches is covered in concrete.

 The chandeliers are all in place.
The fireplace will have a working fire.  Next more window trims, the yards, porch floor, more siding, the back support piece.
When starting your project remember to just take it one step at a time. No need to stress out. Just take your time to plan, do one thing at a time and eat snacks!
Talk to you soon!