Sunday, January 24, 2021

Paris de Mes Reves Custom 1/12 Handmade Dollhouse

Paris de Mes Reves custom dollhouse....My first house of 2021! This is a Parisian inspired dwelling. Fully custom, handmade and designed by me from scratch.  It's 1/12 scale. 
Available in my Etsy shop.
This house is measures 19 7/8" tall x 13 1/2" across x 16 1/4" deep.

I decided to deck this one out fully with as many embellishments and trim as could fit in there!
The walls are plaster. You can get the premixed plaster at the hardware store. Much less messy. Spackling is the same thing by the way.  There's no difference in using it. 

Downstairs interior measures 14 1/8" x 11 7/8" x 8 7/8" tall.
The lights in the fireplace are from Evandesigns. They have great little light kits for your dollhouse.
Upstairs is also nice and tall. It's a little over 7 1/2" tall. 
You can find almost any wallpaper I use in my Pinterest board called Pretty Paper. 

The outside is a classic style you would expect in Paris.
A flat top roof is essential! 

If you are interested please visit Etsy :
 Thank you so much for the visit and have the most brilliant year!