Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Itsy Bitsy Cottages Paper Houses

These are my new creations. They are tiny houses 2" or 3" tall. They are perfect to group together. These small homes will bring whimsy to any spot! I love putting them on books like in these pictures. I think they make a very happy vignette!! They are paper,actually cardboard, covered with plaster and paint.
I designed the templates, cut out all the windows and doors, created decorative roof coverings and layered on the paint and plaster.
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  1. I absolutely adore your Cinderella style and I think in the last 10 minutes viewing your etsy shop and website that I have fallen in love with your style. I also adore whimiscal fairylike handmade imagination come true! Dream, and you do just like I, but You are better at making it real! I do believe I will have to become a customer and I hope friend of yours. Here I do to twitter and facebook, By the way, I saw you through a byhand message.
    Smiles, Cyndi/frstyfrolk/ByLightOfMoon