Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Lance's Old Farmhouse Miniature House

This house was commissioned by Karen. She plans to give it to her boss for Christmas.

Karen wanted her boss to have a mini house so he could enjoy it when he couldn't be there.

This was my first basement!

I had to build the railings a little differently on this house. I wanted to make sure it would withstand shipping with no problems. So instead of fastening in the middle of the posts, I fastened them behind the post. Always have to think of ways to build these tough!

That is a crack that is in the real house's foundation. Gives character!

Love the little vent!
That little light was a fun detail to add. Of course I had to add the screen door. It has screen material to keep out the bugs! It's a little open to show the door behind it.

I'm not sure what that door is for but I made it anyways!
The stones are showing through the concrete. And there is some of the add on cedar deck.

It sure was a lot of fun to make.


  1. I am speechless!!!! Perfect. And, that little black door you didn't know what it was for..... a coal shoot. My Grandparent's has one. When coal was delivered for the coal burning furnace it went down a shoot thru that door into a little room, wheere it was then shoveled in the furnace when needed for heat.
    Very cool...hot..oh you know.

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