Saturday, April 3, 2010

French Style Dollhouse under Construction

I got the fireplace done this morning. I think it looks totally French!
 I also did all the plaster work on the inside walls. Those are probably going to have an aged finish. 
 I added beams in the attic.
Then I went shopping. I got these little sticks called Woodsies to make the attic's hard wood floor.
hat's right, I'm laying them one by one! I loved doing the wood floor. It was fun!
Almost done....
Here's a close up. I want it very old and rustic. So far it has some cracks and holes.
But it needs more. Tomorrow I'm scrapping them up!!
The hardest part is knowing what to do first! I don't want to make things harder by gluing things together and then finding out that I can't get to something. So far so good. Haven't made a huge boo boo yet!

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