Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Frog's Cottage Custom Dollhouse

Today I started to carve on all those little bricks.
I tried to get some crooked ones going.  I do these with the ready mix concrete. The key to carving out the concrete is waiting a little bit for the concrete to get set up before you try to put your shapes in. If the concrete is too wet it will move around too much. If it's too dry it will make cracks.
I still have plenty of bricks to put on. Then I have to paint each little brick. I love using this concrete. It makes the houses very strong for shipping, yet it's not heavy.


  1. I think I will have to try this ready mix concrete! You get such Fabulous results with it! Your Cottage is looking Great!

  2. It already looks good...just getting better when you paint it I imagine.
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  3. Visitar tu blog es aprender un poco mas cada dia.
    Nunca pense en utilizar homigon, queda una fachada genial.
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  4. It's so amazing seeing what you do step by step. I can't imagine having the patience to paint all those little bricks! It's going to look so great when you're done!

  5. Es una idea fantástica y está quedando de maravillas. Apunto la idea para un par de casitas que tengo que reforzar antes de decidirme a pintarlas y decorarlas. Gracias por compartirlo.
    Un beso.

  6. Thanks everybody!
    Cassy- went by your site. Guitar! Wow! I shouldn't even think about another hobby. LOL! Thanks Cassy for coming by and I'm glad you like these dollhouses! :)

  7. Exactly details, wounderfull. I cant wait to see its done. I love to see how it grows each time.
    Ein absolutes Highlight!!!

  8. The bricks are looking great! Thanks for the concrete tips too!

  9. Are you using REAL ready mix concrete - the stuff builders of real houses use?? - or you found some 'magic' stuff at the hobby supply store?? Sorry if you've already explained it here and I've missed it - I spent hours and hours on a research field trip yesterday for a uni assignment and body and brain totally dead today!