Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Sugared Violet Dollhouse

The Sugared Violet Dollhouse is done.
This one has turned out very sweet. It still totally shabby chic!
I love the way the front door area turned out. It looks very cozy. The awning is glittered! I put a pumpkin there to have a Cinderella touch.

The chimney will remain unglued because I hid the battery and switch inside.

This house is sold and going to be part of Camille's village. Thank you Camille!

And thank you all for your sweet comments about the chandelier tutorial from the previous post. I'm so glad you like it and found it helpful. And by the way my toe is doing great and all healed. I'm left with a ginormous bruise which means no high heels for a while longer. : (      But I'll survive. LOL!

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  1. This house is fantastic, as usual! :-) It's so sweet and wonderful! It would be all about a big soft bed, chocolates, a good book, and a fire in the fireplace for me in this house. So simple but so perfect! :-) So glad your foot is healed--yay!

  2. Aww I love it. I totally want to live in it for real. Its shabby chic with lots of pink,bunting and even a cupcake picture its all my favorite things in one house. I love the xmas tree too, very festive.

  3. Es absolutamente fantastica!!!!
    Seria genial poder disfrutar de una casa asi tamaño real......un sueño.
    Me alegro de que ya estes mejor.
    besitos aascension

  4. The house is gorgeous. Just looking at it makes me feel good. Its just so sweet i love it.
    Hugs Maria

  5. Beautiful!
    I love the front porch with the pumpkin and the tree and fireplace are Awesome!


  6. I can't believe , how it is possible to create so many lovely houses.
    Every time you finished one, I think :this is it, and than only a few days later there is another one !
    The sugared violet is sooooo sweet and lovely. I would move in today.
    Hugs Mieke xxx

  7. Es una casa esplendorosa, bella, las cortinas le dan mucho encanto.
    Un abrazo

  8. Hi Caroline,
    Oh my gosh, another darling creation.
    Love how you did the front door area.
    The door is stunnng, and love the addition of the awning and the harlequin floor tiles, and all the rose vines climbing on the side of the house, be still my heart. It is simply charming and adorable, as always. You never cease to amaze me.

    Hope all is well with you and yours,
    Blessings hon, Nellie

    In case you would like to see my
    daughters wedding pictures I posted more yesterday and then there is a link to the first ones I posted last week.

    Have a great week ahead.....

  9. Lovely as always. Love the windows and the front porch. I just saw the chandelier tutorials. It's great!

  10. Sweet home! Cinderella Moments - a place to set the mood for an entire month (up to the next any cute house)

  11. Fantastic and sweet home. I like the structure and the colors.
    Bye Faby

  12. This is my favourite yet! I love all the flowers around the door and the porch. The whole house is so romantic. Just perfect!!

  13. Te ha quedado una casa de sueño,fantástica,preciosa!!!! Enhorabuena,un gran trabajo!!!!

  14. amazing as always!! i LOVE the white tree and fireplace. its just amazing! :D

  15. This is so beautiful! I don't know how you make them so fast. I do love it and wonder how you come up with these fabulous ideas!

  16. Your imagination knows no end, Caroline. That is one wonderful gift that you have. This little house is special in so many ways and I second everything that has already been said. Keep on creating. Your creations are always a joy to behold!

  17. So beautiful! I love the glittered awning too :) x

  18. Oh Caroline, it's just precious! I love the entrance! The designs on the windows are perfect and the curtains adorable! It just makes you smile to look at it! =)

  19. I am always swooning when I come and see your art! Do you know that???
    What a gorgeous little shop! Really, you are the queen of adorable houses!

  20. What a magical, beautiful house! I LOVE the glittered awning!! You do the best work. And I am so glad that your finger, err.. I mean TOE, is better!! ;)
    Gloria xxoo