Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Garden Hideaway Dollhouse

Time for a little distraction! I made another tiny hiding place. You know that type of little shed you could run off to and write, create or just dream.
This is the "Garden Hideaway".  It's small at 15 1/4" tall x 11" across x 7 1/4" deep.  This little house is green with cream borders and trims. My inspiration for this one came from Gina Galvin's Design Bloggatorium for Peacock Park.  This little shed appeared in Wild Winter.  This site is enchanting and full of great design!
 There's a porch light and a purple chandelier inside.  Both LEDs powered by battery(see my new resources page for where to buy).
 The wreath is just moss covered wire. I used coarse white sand for the gravel path. 
 There's a strawberry crate waiting at the door.  The log rounds are cut sticks(Walmart find).

 The mushrooms were made by Serenity Mosaics. 
On one side of the door, I hung 2 Melissa Frances shabby chic frames.
I used purple heather and vines from Hobby Lobby. The porch shingles and side addition roof shingles are all left-overs from different projects.
 This cupola hides the battery and switch.   To dress it up I used corrugated cardboard for the sides and 3D paper on the roof and also the main roof ridge. This paper is in the scrapbook isle of your craft store.
Just lift the cupola and you can access all the wires, switch and battery.

I put little butterflies all over.  A fun little whimsy I saw on somebody's blog. I don't remember who's. Sorry whoever you are. You are brilliant!
The little garden's dirt is ground coffee. Something else I saw in blogland.
 I covered the whole exterior with a layer of premixed concrete for strength. Then I applied corrugated cardboard(box) to the wet concrete.  The concrete acts as the glue. The house becomes a really sturdy structure.

A little nest tucked in between the two roofs.

 A little place to sit. The interior walls are gray. The floor is aged white.
 The curtain is pink tulle.

 I draped burlap on the ceiling. I had to have burlap somewhere!

 A purple chandelier is totally irresistible!
 This pillow is actually just an embroidered inchie. 1" X 1" with embroidery floss on a single layer of felt.

I've made some changes to my site too! I'm adding pages to this site.
And I've added my picture! So now you can see what I look like. I know it's been driving some of you crazy. So here I am with Lizzie at the top of the page.


  1. Who knew you were such a babe, Caroline! :-) Thanks for letting us know a little more about you. This newest house is dreamy. I love the mini dollhouse, the bird nest, and all of your other special touches. Great work! xo Jennifer

  2. Hoi Caroline,
    het is weer fantastisch erg lief ziet het er uit.
    Groetjes Marja

  3. I'm just completely mesmerized by what you create. I think it's just amazing. Your blog makes me happy! The little butterflies, the tea cup on the desk...every little detail. Amazing.

  4. Hallo Caroline,

    Zo`n prachtige schuur wil ik ook wel :) Het ziet er allemaal weer prachtig uit.

    Groeten Xandra

  5. Hi Caroline, I agree completely with Jennifer! You are a babe! :)

    Dreamy is also the perfect word to describe this garden hideaway :). Happiness is being able to enjoy a cup of tea, watching butterflies and smelling flowers in such a shed.

  6. It's a total delight, as usual Caroline. I'd love to spend some time there, relaxing and thinking, and maybe writing as you suggest.

    Thanks for the tip of the corrugated cardboard over the concrete. That would solve the problem too of the concrete chipping a bit as I've discovered it does a little on my grandson's treehouse, but then that's particularly bumpy/lumpy and it's on those tiny 'sticking out' bits that seem to lose their paint. I like the idea of the concrete sandwich!

  7. Great that you can to come up with new houses. I love the colors you've given this house. It fits so well with all the other outdoor. It is super charming and all the details. So inspiring and very complete.

  8. Meraviglioso lavoro!!! Mi sembra di vivere in una casa da favola!!! Bravissima!!!
    Vieni a trovarmi sei invitata al mio give away natalizio!!!

  9. Wow!!! es una casa jardín tan encantadora,parece sacada de un cuento de hadas!!!!! Otro trabajo perfecto!!!!!

  10. This is a cute secluded area. Loved butterflies and strawberries and a flower bed. Thanks for the foto - it true sometimes anonymity can bring to a crazy)))

    hugs, Katy

  11. How I love this hideaway, both the outside and the inside are wonderful with all the details. To have such an hideaway in real life would be a dream. By the way you're beautiful.

  12. Caroline, this cottage is a dream, a place I want to be and dream the whole day :D! So cozy and delicate.
    Hugs, Ilona

  13. Well, you've been hiding how gorgeous you are from us!!! Love the pic!

    The garden house is beyond amazing! I love the little desk inside and all the little details you added! I want to go and sit in there and drink some tea!!!

  14. What a beautiful hideaway, you have thought of everything, it's just perfect. Gill x

  15. Het is te mooi voor woorden ik ben diep onder de indruk van zoveel kunst heel knap gedaan lieve groetjes Danielle

  16. I am in Love!! The purple chandelier is absolutely one of my favorites. This entire little retreat is one of my favorites you have done.

    Love all the details, and the fairy sign, coffee dirt...that is amazing.

    I would love to have this!!! I hope it finds a terrific home soon.

    how much for the purple chandelier :-)

  17. Oh, Caroline, you are brilliant! I might try something like this since I had so much trouble finishing my full size kit... this is just the right size. It reminds me of a room box only shabby chic cottage "Caroline style". I love it and you are gorgeous too. That's a lovely picture of you and Lizzy.

  18. un trabajo precioso con un resultado increible , me encanta



  19. Woooow Caroline, both , for the sweetest little house I ever saw and your beautiful picture, Jennifer is right, you are a babe hahaha!!

    Big hugs Mieke xxx

  20. An enchanting magical place. Both the exterior and the interior are so sweet. Thanks for showing these beautiful photos.
    Hugs, Drora

  21. Another charming little getaway, Caroline! It would be the delight of anyone who likes to write or just putter away on something or just sit and think quietly surrounded by the special things one loves. Among some of the items I especially love are the purple chandelier, the little cushion, that delightful wee Christmas tree, that lovely rug, the tuile curtains and the use of burlap! It's so nice to see a photo of you, Caroline. You look gorgeous!

  22. Дом очень красивый и приятно разглядывать! вы сделали большую работу ! вы не перестаете удивлять своими идеями!!!!

  23. Wow! This is another little gem. You are so talented. You inspire me, I love to see what you come up with! :)

  24. Una vez mas, me vuelve a enamorar una de tus fantasticas casitas.
    Me encanta cada uno de los detalles, absolutamente preciosa.
    besitos ascension

  25. I haven't been on your blog, in so long!! I've just spent a good 20minutes looking through everything! awwww i LOVE the post office, so cute! <3 I haven't been blogging much recently, but i have finally have... so please have a look...

    Flora x

  26. Hi,
    I love the small, romantic little houses! Your works are wonderful.
    Best wishes :)

  27. Hola Caroline ¡¡ ya estoy de vuelta la minimundo ¡¡¡ tu oficina de correos es muy graciosa, y la casa de las flores muy muy muy bonita , como siempre, con ese aire especial de tus trabajos. un saludo , Y felicies Fiestas ¡¡

  28. Ah Caroline, stunning work my friend, I'm with Tracie, I love the purple chandelier. I want to live there Caroline *smile*

    Have a very Merry Christmas and I will be thinking of you when I look up at the stars Christmas Eve. Wishing you all the joy the season brings to you and your loved ones. Hugs ... Carole xox

  29. Your creations are just amazing down to the last tiny detail!

  30. This little hideout is amazing!!!
    Dear Caroline, Merry Christmas to you too and yours.
    And a very Happy New Year 2013!
    Hugs Jollie ^-^

  31. que casas más bonitas ,y parecen faciles de como lo esplicas,

  32. So darn cute just adore the chandelier, so unusual!
    The lighting freaks me out I will have to search for those little lights that u use over here in OZ