Sunday, April 21, 2013

Little White Cottage Dollhouse

To begin, let me clear up the floor painting technique from the previous post.  For this floor I took 1/2 white latex paint and 1/2 water. Spread it on the floor with a nice size brush. Your liquid should have enough color to stick to the floor. If you don't see any white on the boards you have too much water. If you can't see the wood though the paint you don't have enough water. Easy fix- just have water in a cup next to you and dip the brush in, and go back over the paint before it dries.  You can then varnish if you like a shiny or finished floor. But if you are after a shabby chic floor, don't varnish.  I also don't varnish floors in dollhouses that have to look really old and forgotten.

Now I'm going to put on some baseboards to finish off the bottom of the walls. I got these pieces from the kit cutouts leftovers. You can use Popsicle/craft sticks. I also used a piece above the wainscoting. It's much easier to paint the trim before you glue it on.

Next, the front door.  The kit comes with a door. I cut out the middle posts.  And I glued a square piece of wood on one side of the door.

The other side of the door is plain. I carved out my own design at the bottom. I used a box cutter/utility knife. This is why I love these cheap kits- the wood is so easy to carve and cut because it's thin. I did 2 rectangles. I cut 2 lines all around each rectangle. Then pop out the middle which leaves you a carved recess or channel. That's it! Don't glue your door together just yet. We still need the "glass." (Yes- I've already done this mistake. And more than once too! LOL!!)

Here's one side of the door.

And the other.

Now paint. I used a blue/green (robin egg blue) latex.

Let's do the "glass."   I want a clear stained glass effect. First I draw diagonal lines evenly spaced with a pencil.  Start with an "x" going from corner to corner.

Then draw the rest of your lines. I didn't measure. I just eyed it.  My lines are almost 1/2" apart.

Now I use silver latex paint to paint over all the lines on both sides of the plastic. I want to cover up all the evidence of pencil marks.
For the stained glass effect I use water based clear gloss varnish. Oil based works too, but it takes many more coats to achieve the effect.  I drop some gloss in the middle of each diamond and spread it to the edges of each diamond.  You can do both sides of the "glass" if you want.
 I glue the plastic onto the door with white glue.
And I glue the 2 door pieces with wood glue. Press under heavy books for complete contact between the pieces as it dries.
For the hinges, I use 3/4" hinges.  I always cut a piece off the screws because they are too long and will stick out of the other side of the door. Just use cutting pliers to cut them shorter.
I pre-drill all the holes(in the door and door frame).  Then put your hinges on the door.  By the way, my door always seems to grow! I always have to go back and make it smaller. I usually cut off 1/8" at the bottom so it clears the wood floor. And I also take 1/16" off the side. Once the door is in place, I usually have to take my sandpaper and sand off the side, while the door is hinged in place,  until the door closes easily. 

The door is in place!
Until next time!


  1. привет. Интересная работа получается!!!! Дверь и комната как всегда великолепно выглядит!!!!!!!!

  2. Great tutorials, Caroline! Thanks for sharing. The robin's egg blue door is stunning! xo Jennifer

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  4. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience with us Caroline!

  5. Caroline, you make everything look so easy. :) And pretty! ♥

  6. Hi Caroline, I loved what you did with the glass of the door! Thank you for sharing these tutorials.
    Hugs, Ilona

  7. Thanks so much for the tutorial, Caroline! Every little bit of knowledge gathered here and there helps. I love your fireplace! Until next time!

  8. HI Caroline,
    Your lil white cottage is coming out so well.......and now I just love this lil stained glass door, so cute....
    as are all your creations.

    Hope you are doing well hon, and selling those

    Blessings, Nellie

  9. I just love your ideas Caroline. I'm glad you are sharing the little tips and details with us. My first one didn't turn out too "shabby" or "chic" but I'd like to make another one and give it another try. Thanks for all the tips. I'd like to try to make a stained glass door too!

  10. Thanks for the tutorial. The door looks great and I love the colour! IndyPoppy

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  12. Hi Caroline! Your little cottage is slowly taking shape and each thing that you do adds a little bit more enchantment!


  13. The door looks so real. Nice work.

  14. I like what you have done with the door and love the colour. Thanks for sharing how you did it.

  15. Te ha quedado una puerta perfecta y además has ido diciendo paso a paso como la has hecho, que bien.

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    Hugs Maria

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    Bye, Faby

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