Saturday, July 20, 2013

Baleine Beach Cottage Dollhouse Finished

Baleine Cottage is done!  I named it Baleine Cottage because of this coat rack in the shape of a whale. I made it out of balsam wood from a picture I saw on Pinterest...
I also made the bench from veneer wood.  I filled my little shabby chic bag with a baguette, lemons and a big rose.  There's a copy of Victoria Magazine and Country Home on the bench and a set of keys hanging on the coat rack.

The front door was also inspired from a Pinterest picture...

I bought the little kayak at Hobby Lobby and painted it gray & white with roses.
I tacked it on with Simply Tacky
I use this same stuff for all the paintings hanging inside the house.
The roof is a combination pine shingle and "metal".  The metal roof is really cardboard strip painted and rusted to look like metal.
Inside the chimney is the battery and switch for all the lights.

 All the paintings are originals I painted by hand.
 This is a little metal tub I painted and aged. The desk is from a kit.
 My chair looks right at home here. I also made an ottoman.  The trick to getting the fabric to fall correctly on the sides of the ottoman was drenching it with hairspray.  I do the same with all the curtains. They look more realistic.

Here's one of my little dolls trying out the chair.  I've had many requests for more dolls. So I will be making more and they will be available soon.
Here is the upstairs.  With a nice bed to hop into after a long day at the beach.
That's Baleine Beach Cottage!
Available on Etsy.


  1. What a lovely cottage! I live on Long Island and I would love to stay at a beach cottage just like that here on Fire island! Love the colors!

  2. The door is beautiful! I like the kayak too, and the whole cottage is very nice.

  3. This is just the sweetest thing!

  4. Another beautiful creation! I love your style! The colors are to die for, so beachy! I bought some of the lights that you use and you were right...good price, great service, and very fast shipping. Thanks for the info. Have a great weekend.

  5. Another beautiful creation! I love your style! The colors are to die for, so beachy! I bought some of the lights that you use and you were right...good price, great service, and very fast shipping. Thanks for the info. Have a great weekend.

  6. Caroline this beach cottage is sooo gorgeous. I love the whale coat hanger.I love the very pretty colours. Beautiful beautiful work.
    Hugs Maria

  7. Привет!
    Очень красивый коттедж! Кит смотрится великолепно! Мне нравятся Ваши картины! Спасибо за идею использовать лак для волос. Действительно ткань смотрится очень реалистично! Как бы тяжелые складки. Кукла очень милая!

  8. It's delightful, Caroline. I love the original artwork, and the colors you chose.

    ~ Chris

  9. I think this is my favorite cottage so far. I love your use of colours and you have made some wonderful pieces of furniture and accessories, not to mention the lovely inhabitant. I enjoy making that style of doll, although I haven't tried one in a smaller scale before.

  10. Привет,Каролина!
    Мне понравилось название коттеджа, оригинальное! Маленькая куколка-принцесса милая.
    Домик очень симпатичный, светлый, уютный.
    С наилучшими пожеланиями из России. Елена.

  11. OH MY GOSH Caroline!!! I know I've said you've outdone yourself before but this really HAVE outdone yourself! This is awesome and amazing!!! Love it!

  12. Hi Caroline,
    Oh my goodness, I love this lil beach cottage,
    so adorable. Love the color of the door and the pink bench too, so cute and colorful. The Kayak
    out back for a great idea, and loved all your lil paintings and decorations too, so cute.
    You never cease to surprise us, hon,
    Hope all is well with you....
    Blessings, Nellie

  13. Super cute Caroline, love the turquoise touches.

  14. It's another gorgeous house full of wonderful ideas. As usual, I love the extrior as well as the interior. Dear Caroline, you are a source of inspiration.
    Hugs, Drora

  15. Es una casa bellísima!!! Me encantan esos tonos tan suaves que armonizan cada estancia,los detalles que la hacen mágica,la pintura del kayak de la entrada es simplemente perfecto,el techo me encanta....toda ella es perfecta!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Utterly breathtaking - such lovely light, bright colours and every detail is a delight.
    Alison x

  17. Hi Caroline! Your beach cottage is so beautifully, the well chosen details makes it complete. The kayak and whale coat rack, all is so balanced, love it!
    Hugs, Ilona

  18. I love the kiak/boat. Great job with the roses.

    The front door is amazing. I love the planters.

    Great getaway

    Happy Crafting

  19. Another dream house that has come alive in your hands Caroline! It looks absolutely lovely! You are lucky I am not living close to you because you would have me constantly bothering you for painting lessons.I actually finally tried some roses on a small project of mine with your tutorial :) Hugs, Ebru

  20. Oh I love it Caroline! If I had my way I would live right on the beach year long. I adore the ocean. You know I totally fell in love with that quarter scale cottage you have in your shop. I actually included it in a treasury called Summertime in Miniature :) Do you think you would be able to do a commission of a quarter scale version of this beach house (doesn't have to be exact but it must be a beach house :P) eventually. The price of the little cottage you did was quite reasonable, I'm still not sure how much spending money I'll have in the fall and winter though! Send me an Etsy convo about this if that's easier. I finally designed a cover photo for my Etsy shop facebook page...almost ready to launch! Today I'm going to type out a master list of every single thing that needs to be done for the show and sale, with sub tasks for each project, so I can check them off as I go!

  21. Enchanting! I like the little kayak.
    Greetings, Faby

  22. Me encanta, el resultado es una maravilla, tiene ese estilo tan especial y único que solo tu haces, perfecto.
    Un abrazo.

  23. Ma che splendido cottage che hai realizzato Caroline!Alcuni dettagli come il kayak, il catino e l'attaccapanni-balena lo rendono molto accogliente.
    Un caro saluto, Manu

  24. I love seeing the Pinterest photos interspersed with your mini work. That upstairs looks so cozy, I wish I could miniaturize myself and hop into that bed for a nap! Beautiful work, as always! xo Jennifer

  25. Oh, Caroline...
    All your houses are beautiful, but this one is, by far, my favorite of all. Simply charming. I'm sure it won't be for sale very long, as some lucky mini-fanatic will snap it up.
    Hope your summer is going well.

  26. Hello Caroline! Your beach cottage is so Nicely Nautical and still so feminine and so pretty! I love your style and the way that you have reinterpreted the full-sized into the mini. The whale coat rack and the kayak are 2 delightful additions that really make it Extra Special! You can hear the Pacific Ocean in the background and the gulls overhead as you step inside the door with the days groceries.
    You have me on vacation in my mind.


  27. Es una casa preciosa... ¡me dan ganas de mudarme alli inmediatamente! Sería un magnífico lugar para vivir.
    Un beso

  28. How I love your baleine beach cottage, so many wonderful things in it, the armchair, the baleine rack, the kayak, etc...

  29. Caroline, wat een ontzettend mooi strandhuisje heb je gemaakt.
    Je zou er zo willen wonen!
    Groetjes Thea

  30. Hi, Carolyn! This is a wonderful new home. I especially like the breezy upper room where you can relax after the sea on a soft bed - we still have half of the summer to enjoy the sun)))

  31. Hi Carolyn
    I just took a peek at the cottage and I am so blown away! I didnt expect to see a little boat on the cute!

    I really like your chair and ottoman too

    Marisa :)

  32. Wow, absolutely beautiful as always Caroline! I LOVE it!

  33. Hoi Carolijn,
    het ziet er weer zooooooooooo schattig uit. geweldig gedaan.
    groetjes Marja

  34. This is stunning Caroline, everything about this is beyond words beautiful!!! I know I've said it a million times before but you truly are amazing and I always want to live in your houses :) :) Hugs xx Vicky xx

  35. Oh my Caroline! Oh my, oh my!
    Your design choices are inspired!
    Every detail, even the tiniest, work to weave your miniature magic!
    Gosh, I think I could write a entire list of all the incredible touches that make your little cottage so "real"!
    I will do just a few...
    -the tiny bit of blue flower wallpaper in the bedroom...heavenly!
    -the metal tub under the table...stunning!
    -the burlap walls...incredible!
    -the bird nest panels...*sigh*
    -the little pillow in the chair, placed just right!....
    I could go on as I said, I was only just warming up!
    Gosh, you are totally amazing! You know I already think and feel that!
    But I have to say it again...

  36. Always a pleasure to admire your works of art, a delight to behold, both the combination of colors, textures and small details that make me dream. a hug, Marisa

  37. beautiful work

  38. Wonderful! I love the door and the metal tub, and the wallpapers =) Great work

  39. Oh, what a delight! The colors are so fresh and sweet, love everything about this one!

  40. Your little cottage could not be more splendid, Caroline! I love all the special touches you have added such as the paintings, bucket, kayak. It's a precious little build and makes one long for such a little retreat by the sea.

  41. Wow! The shabby chic beach theme is adorable! The teal door works perfectly and reflects the color of the ocean water. The bright pink bench and other details brighten up the space. The whale in the entry is such a whimsical touch. The planters add a welcoming feeling to the large front porch. I have seen the canoes at Hobby Lobby and thought that they were perfect 1/12 scale. You incorporated them perfectly! Another job well done Caroline! :)