Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Lulu's Maison Day 2

I plastered the downstairs of Lulu's dollhouse yesterday. Remember I also put in my wire tape for electricity before I plastered.  The plaster is finally completely dry.  At this time, if I was just going to paint my walls I would sand the plaster smooth. But I'll be wallpapering so I can skip this step.  My wallpapering job will be very easy in this house. But if you are using complicated paper with places that need to match up you probably want to make templates of the walls with the window cutouts at this time.

I am framing my windows on the interior.  I always put my "glass" on the exterior.  To frame the 3 downstairs windows I used bits of wood I have left over. You can get thin veneer from Hobby Lobby and cut it into strips if you don't have thousands of strips of wood lying around like I do.  : )
I glued the strips around the windows using a strong white glue.  Next, you'll need to paint over all the plaster walls and ceilings to seal the plaster. I'm also painting over the framing of the windows. 

I'm wallpapering the front wall first. I printed this paper off the internet. It's an actual wallpaper for real houses. I print the image off 1/2 size. This paper is a collage of book pages in all muted cream colors.

By the way!  I use to water down my white glue to make my wallpaper paste until I found this glue. It's already pretty runny. I don't have to do anything to it. I just smear it around with a paintbrush. It cost $1.99 for a large bottle.  I bought it at Hobby Lobby. 
The other wallpapers are from the scrapbook section.  I have white ridged paper that looks like wainscoting, a white paper that looks like a tin ceiling and a faux crackle in creams.
I applied all the papers to the dollhouse.
I cut slits into the ceiling paper so I can easily find my wire tape when it's time to put in my chandelier. 
Till tomorrow!
Happy building!


  1. I am loving this, already! I admire your skill and talent. :)

  2. Hello Caroline! I love your wallpaper choices and the ceiling looks Fantastic! This is going to be another Stunning little house!!! :))


  3. Lovely house coming! Beautiful wallpapers and ceiling.

  4. Que avanzada la tienes!!! Me encantan los papeles que has elegido,sobre todo el de la pared,es precioso!!!!!

  5. The wallpaper is really pretty!

    MMm that puts me in mind I have that ceiling paper somewhere here! I must find it and use it on my house

  6. You are already pretty advanced it will be beautiful it can already see hugs Danielle

  7. Good Morning Caroline, I am enjoying watching your little house come alive. It is so enjoyable to watch what everybody is doing to get ready for that special time of the year. Have a wonderful day. Hugs and Prayers from Your Missouri Friend.

  8. The ceiling and wallpaper are fantastic.
    Greetings, Faby

  9. that is so cool!! I love the ceiling!

    Marisa :)

  10. Oh my goodness, love it! The wallpaper is darling! I can't wait to see it all finished:)

  11. Un ottimo lavoro e bellissima è la tappezzeria e sono curiosa di vedere i nuovi progressi.
    Un caro saluto, Manu

  12. Looks so cute <3 I absolutely love the wallpaper!!

  13. Le wallpaper and the ceiling are very nice. I can't to see all complet! Hugs

  14. Hi Caroline, a new house and lovely wallpaper, I especially love the one for the ceiling, it looks great!
    Hugs, Ilona

  15. I love the wall- and ceilingpapers you choose. I'm always a bit afraid for this step: how will the paper look once it's on, and don't I change my mind on where I need electrics?

    May I ask you why you plaster the walls and ceilings, if you use wallpaper on them? I know the wood needs to be sealed before putting glue on it, but putting on paint instead of plaster looks more easy to me. Or is it to age the wallpaper later?


  16. Me encanta como vas poniendo paso a paso como vas creando tu nueva casa. Estoy deseando ver más.

  17. I like the wallpaper you have chosen! And how you think of every little detail, like a professional! =) Great work!! Hannah

  18. I love the wallaper too!! You said it is a real wallpaper. What is the name and who is it by? I would like to look it up.

    1. It's Pip Studio- Feeling Paper Good. They have so many beautiful papers!

  19. Such pretty wallpaper... heading back a bit further to see if I can find the exterior!
    Alison xx

  20. I would love to live in one of your houses. Someone very lucky is getting this! I also have the same question as Marit. Why do you plaster and then cover with paper? Is it for the texture? Just wondering. Everything is so beautiful!

  21. I love it!! So gorgeous. I'm still planning to commission quarter scale house from you one day! All I can afford, alas!