Thursday, June 12, 2014

Hart and Bear's Shabby Shop

I made a shop/shop keeper's cottage for Jen. It's called Hart and Bear's Shabby Shop. I made this house entirely by hand. No kit.  I use wood from Lowe's. I draw out a plan and cut everything out with my Dremel Trio.  But if you don't have all the cutting tools, do use kits. I did when I started out. You can customize any kit very easily. Even the cheapest kits can look extraordinary.  And it's a great way to teach yourself scale and how to make minis. 
Jen's style is very sweet and very romantic. Lots of roses, lots of lace, lots of cuteness. Easy! :)
The porch has a bike, clay houses and a box filled with old treasures. Notice there's a big sale going on!
The flower boxes are filled with moss and mulberry paper roses. There also pink Heather in there. I get the vines and Heathers from Hobby Lobby. I just look for things I can cut down to mini size.  The roses are online. Just type 'mulberry paper roses'.
I added a piece of molding under the porch. Extra cuteness!
Adding bunting banners makes a really big difference. It just ads an incredible amount of whimsy.
I always struggle to make my dormers straight. But I think I finally got it!  If you are a novice, you can buy dormers already made. The shingles are pine. 
Another chandelier on the side porch. Super romantic!
The siding is birch. 
A view of the pink underside of the porch.
And inside!
The shop keeper's bedroom is upstairs.  I made a dollhouse, half round table, chandelier and dollhouse bed/bedding. I painted the chair with a faux seat cushion.
It's a very romantic bedroom with the pink polka dot and roses wallpaper.  The 2 dog paintings are Jen's Bear and Hart.
There's a working fireplace.  I made more houses to put everywhere.  Another banner on the mantel. 
The armoire in the back is filled with fabrics.  The ceiling is covered with textured scrapbook paper.
I was going to make an all lace chair. But when I was looking for more lace for the cushions I happened to lay the chair on the pink check fabric. Instant LOVE!  Had to change my plans. I covered a whole lot of little books with printed papers from the internet.
I usually like to put beds in my shops. But it was weird having one bed up and one downstairs. I happened to have a stove left from my dollhouse vintage stove tutorial.   I tried it out and it occupied the space perfectly.

The curtains are a piece of white cotton fabric and one piece of sparkly sheer fabric. I rolled the end up. Then I sprayed it with a fabric stiffner. Hairspray works perfectly. Then I added pink and white baker's twine. Paper roses I made with tissue paper add a finishing touch to every window.
In the middle of the shop, I made a round table. The base is a wooden candlestick holder I think?? And the top is from another table I pulled apart. On top I put a bigger house covered with concrete. I wanted it to look like something for a yard- a bit rougher looking for contrast with the other smaller houses. I also painted the rug. I use a thick canvas used for book binding. 
I hope you all had your sugar fix with this super sweet house. 
Now I'll get back to the Tranquil Nordic Retreat in the next post. See you then!


  1. Your little houses are so special! I know I could make one for myself, but I still want one of yours! I really like this one. Tickle me pink. ; )

  2. It's beautiful! I've seen your talents and gifts grow a lot this year.

    1. I love learning to make new things. It's very energizing! So glad you came by Ruth! ♥

  3. Hi Caroline, This house is so sweet and adorable! I love the stove and all the dollhouses, the pink gingham chair, the pink and blue together, the buntings, everything! Gorgeous! xo Jennifer

  4. Wow, no kit! No kidding? Please, please give me a brief rundown on how you get started. A full tutorial would be a dream though. This one really takes the cake. I love the bike & all the little dollhouses. Too many cute touches to mention. Just darling.

    1. If you make your house step by step it really isn't too hard. I start with the four walls and the floor. I just measure out the dimensions I want. Then I cut out the windows and door. I put the walls and floor together and start working on the interior(floors, wallpaper, ceiling). Then I do the upstairs floor and wallpaper. I put on the roof. Finally I do the exterior. I put on the siding and paint, the
      porch, columns, and shingles. I usually make a list. It helps me stay on track. LOL! Sorta! :)

  5. Thanks, I really want to try one w'out a kit. One more question if you don't mind, how do you connect the walls to the floors? I wish you lived in Seattle, I'd pay you for a personal lesson! Lol

  6. una preciosidad de tienda , me encanta es tan dulce , un trabajo fantastico



  7. Super cute as always. I love all the coordinating colors and details.

  8. I first use hot glue(high melt temperature sticks) to put it all together. It holds everything instantly and that makes life a lot easier. Then on the underside and along the outside of the wall I run a bead of wood glue. This ensures that the bond is permanent- or as permanent as you want it to be! :) hugs♥

  9. That shop looks so lovely, I think it would be great to have a shop like this one, can you imagine, sleeping in that gorgeous bedroom? I also love the paper you chose for the ceiling, it is so nice:)
    Hugs, Candy:)

  10. Caroline!...Amazing! all the details are a treasure. Your bike with box and pins are a marvel, I love it, and inside, the room, I am left speechless, I can not find words to express how amazing, wonderful, adorable that's it!, Photos are is .... I do not know how to say!? ... you're a master artist, super-artist!.
    A big kiss and congratulations!

  11. Caroline! Amazing! all the details are a treasure. Your bike with box and pins are a marvel, I love it, and inside, the room, I am left speechless, I can not find words to express how amazing, wonderful, adorable that's it!, Photos are is .... I do not know how to say!? ... you're a master artist, super-artist!.
    A big kiss and congratulations!

  12. Wow ... beautiful shop.

    Kind regards Xandra

  13. So charming. I love your cute and colorful furniture. I also love your outdoor scenery.
    You are so good at the details, there are just so many that it get so very cozy.

  14. Maravillosa, me gustan todos y cada uno de los detalles, y cuantas lámparas, me encanta todo.
    Un trabajo precioso.
    Un abrazo.

  15. I love this lovely house. It's adorable with wonderful details.
    You come up with such wonderful ideas. Great photos too.
    Hugs, Drora

  16. oh how pretty!!! I love al of I!! The bike is darling I have one , this has inspired me!!

  17. It's such a cute little house! I love those sweet little dollhouses you added. Love the colour scheme! It's got that magical touch about it and makes me just want to look and look at it!

  18. Eres única creando ambientes!!! No solo por los maravillosos revestimientos de las casa en tejados y diferentes paredes,si no también en su interior con esos tonos tan dulces en los muebles y cada pequeño detalle que la llenan de dulzura y encanto!!!!
    Otra maravillosa obra!!!

  19. Every new dollhouse, made by you, is always so cheerful :D! Wonderful work, Caroline!
    Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog!
    Hugs, Ilona

  20. Wow! Another beautiful house and with so much detail. Caroline, you're amazing!

  21. It's refined, very romantic and elegant. I like the colors and details. The bike is perfect in the porch.

  22. Another wonderful house =) I'm amazed by how quick you most be working, it takes me ages to do anything.. and you just make a perfect house like that =)
    Great details, like the bike and the sweet blue house upstairs. And then I just saw more cute little houses too =) I'm a big fan of houses =)

  23. Oh Sugar Fix is an Understatement - I absolutely Gasp every time I visit - Your work and the incredible detail and myriad of ideas is absolutely overwhelming - I want to live in Every realm you create! - In Awe - TiGGy <3

  24. I can never get too much of your pretty houses, this one is just gorgeous, as always.

  25. Hi Caroline! I am so impressed with the way that this little Shabby Shop has turned out! I LOVE the pink walls and the fireplace AND the collection of your tiny houses which are yet another Perfect Choice! The interior and the exterior are quite Superb! :))


  26. So sweet and romantic, Caroline! Congratulations for gorgeous project!

  27. Sigh! Utterly enchanting, Caroline.. from top to bottom and inside and out, I love it! Could there be a better toy shop than one full of dollshouses... love that there's also one upstairs in the bedroom!

    The porch is just beautiful (pink underneath - such attention to detail!) with the flowers and banners... altogether an absolute delight!

    There's a Tudor Tavern ready for viewing over at mine - would love it if you had time to pop by.

    Hope you're enjoying a lovely Sunday!
    Alison xx

  28. it's a work of art, I love the bike that you make it's just so cute! it just makes you want to shrink yourself so you can visit for the day. :)


  29. Oh my goodness Caroline this is just the most precious
    cottage yet. I seriously think it might be one of my favs
    for sure. I had a lil stove like that in my dollhouse when I was a kid. Beautifully done my dear, as always!!

    Hey, I am having a giveaway for my faithful followers of which you are one, so come on over and sign up........

    Hope this finds you doing well hon, your Nordic house is coming along well too.
    Blessings, Nellie

  30. Where do I even start?! The rose wallpaper in the bedroom is PERFECT and I loveeee all the mini dollhouses! And the polka dot box! I may have to steal that idea. :)

  31. Deliziosa casa molto romantica. Complimenti per il bellissimo lavoro.
    Un caro saluto.Manu

  32. I love the house. Would love to see some bigger photos of it. Feel inspired !