Saturday, July 26, 2014

Shabby Blythe Custom Dollhouse

I've completed my first Blythe dollhouse.  It's shabby chic style of course! This house is 1/6 scale or play scale.  And it will accommodate any 12" (30.48 cm)doll including the Blythe doll.
I built this house from wood I got at the hardware store. I just looked for the thinnest wood they had which was 1/4" is still pretty heavy. But at least this is a sturdy house.  I ordered the door and window from since I had never built this scale before. It was a great help to figure out the size this house needed to be.
My Blythe is still not done.  Her face is still shiny.  I had thought Brigitte(my first Blythe made over) would show this house. But she was adopted by her new family. So this girl will show us around!  I am starting to learn to make clothes. Such a hard task!  I don't know how you girls out there do it!  I need to practice.  You should see the top of these pants! LOL!! :D
This house is 23 1/4"(59cm) tall x 24 3/4"(62.87cm) deep x 19 3/4"(50.17 cm) across. It weighs about
 15 1/2 lbs.
There's a working chandelier on the porch.
This is an idea that I have been wanting to try out.  The pink hose and crystal drop are both ideas I saw from real life gardens on Pinterest. A dollhouse must have a pink hose! And the crystal drop coming out of the faucet was pure genius by whoever's garden that came from. LOVE! Had to miniaturize that too! 
The hose is electrical wire. You know the one with those metal wires in the middle. That way you can shape it into the perfect hanging hose. And the exterior is so easy to paint in whatever color you like.
There's some topiary planting going on here!
The dirt is coffee I glued on top of red clay with white glue.  I also glued some on the mat and spoon.
It's quite the mess!
Luckily there's a broom to clean that up.   :)
I painted a welcome mat. And the little package comes from my ex post office. Very useful to have already made packages to add to all my dollhouses!

The sides have vines from Hobby Lobby.  These are Ivy sold as a bunch(bush). Hobby Lobby is the only place I've ever found that sells small leaf fake plants. I hope they never decide to stop selling them.  :/

 I included all my favorite shabby chic things in here.

A teddy bear!  And a Louis bed is a must! I made it out of veneer wood and screen.
The fireplace has working lights in it to look like fire. It was very hard to catch them on. Everytime I took a shot they would be between flashes!  I love the brick wall! I thought I had made a mistake when I applied the brown ink to age the bricks. So I repainted them right away with out waiting for the brown to dry. And the effect is just perfect.
I painted this little pastry after having seen Pascal Cessou's La Religieuse.
I put the scissors under a glass dome. A nod to Restoration Hardware!  Everything they put under a cloche looks so good.
You've seen this chair before.  I sold my bendable Blythe body! So now I can't sit my doll. But a Blythe can sit in there.  Don't worry I ordered more bodies and Blythes to continue my new obsession. One Blythe has already arrived - "Nicky Lad".  She'll get a new everything including name. I'll share that make over with you.
I made a real chalkboard.  Seems you can buy chalkboard paper in the scrapbook section!  :)
I made paper pom pom balls! Don't ask how these things get into my head!

The interior chandelier has a 3 way switch - on, off, motion detector. It's battery operated. The batteries are hidden in the piece that attaches to the ceiling.

Well, that's my first Blythe dollhouse!  It's available in my Etsy shop:
Thanks so much for coming by and looking at it.  I hope you are all working on fun projects too!


  1. Both your house and the doll is wonderful! I think the cloths looks great too, but I'm glad to hear they aren't perfect, you can't be perfect at everything from the start ;) But I bet you will be making perfect pants soon!!
    The pink hose is so pretty! I like the plants and the dirt too =) The whole house is wonderful! And I'm so glad to hear you will continue working with more Blythes!

  2. Absolutely amazing! So many wonderful details - that shabby chic brickwork (happy accidents - we love'em), the messy potting going on, that fab pink hose, and beautiful weathered boards and roof tiles - another enchanting house!
    Alison x

  3. wow! does not lack detail, I love it all, Caroline! doing an amazing job! ...
    Congratulations for your art, a big kiss.

  4. You have an amazing imagination! Did you make your own dollhouses as a kid? I made one from cardboard boxes once when I was about 13, a two story one. Please tell me how you managed the adorable pink hose? I want to add one to my miniature fairy garden. Love the "dirt" on everything & the little birdy perched on the shutter. Everything is simply wonderful. Great job!

    1. Hi Deb! The hose is electrical wire. You know the one with those metal wires in the middle. That way you can shape it into the perfect hanging hose. And the exterior is so easy to paint in whatever color you like. hugs♥

  5. It's stunning, Caroline! I love all of your newest touches, including the pink garden house, brick wall, and paper pompoms. Fantastic work! xo Jennifer

  6. WOnderful house! I love all the details that make it lived in, like the pink hose, the bird on the shutter.

  7. This house is so gorgeous ! I love it ! Every detail is breathtaking ! This is a great work !
    The buyer who will have it will be very lucky !
    Have a beautiful day !

  8. Another stunning creation! Your work is superb, and so interesting and beautiful to look at. Thank you for making the mini world more special.

  9. Greetings Caroline,
    A charming concoction, full of excellent ideas.
    Well done, thank you for sharing.

  10. Your first Blythe house ever......? Oh my, Caroline, if this house is beautiful, so how will the next Blythe house look like ;)?? It is stylish and atmospheric, it's just beautiful.
    Thnak you for sharing all the tips.
    Hugs, Ilona

  11. Привет Каролина!
    Какой чудесный дом! Я восхищаюсь каждым штрихом!!! Просто невероятно! Мне нравится капелька воды на розовом шланге. Как красиво смотрятся ножницы и Эйфелева башня, на фоне кирпичной стены. Чудесная кровать и маленький медведь! А разноцветные помпоны! Прекрасная идея!!! Вы красиво оформили окно! Корона, ржавая решетка, цветы птицы!!!! Ах!! Восторг!

  12. Caroline,

    Wow! I simply adore your dollshouse style, your work gets better and better. I've not heard of Blythe dolls here in the uk, will keep a look out for them. Keep up the amazing work.

  13. Wow! I spent a while looking at each photo, discovering details and ideas that are simply wonderful. I love this house.
    Hugs, Drora

  14. Caroline
    I think this is the best house ever! the outside light is so warm and inviting and the inside light is so bright you can read a book by it (or your Blythe can) it's so cute you want to just live there yourself :) *ok truthfully I want to live there but you'd have to shrink me down and close off the back for me*

    Kudos to you for a job well done!!

    Mini Hugs
    Marisa ;)

  15. Absolutely gorgeous! The Ivy, the hose, the lace on the chair.......everything is delightful!

    Sarah x

  16. I love your house it is so pretty. The pink hose is so cute. You share so many fantastic ideas thank you. The planting going on is a wonderful touch. Amazing work.
    Hugs Maria

  17. Beautiful work, the cottage is gorgeous! I really like the details and delicious armchair!

  18. Love it, love it, love it. House, furniture, doll and everything are fabulous - love the little hose and crystal.

  19. Oh Caroline, where do I start....The house is beautiful! On every level...every adorable and wonderful and fun and mouth dropping gorgeous! The cottage will be wonderful and delightful for whoever gets to receive it. Your work is lovely, and just gets lovelier!

  20. I am so very, very impressed with your work. I couldn't imagine even beginning to do something like this. You have a God given talent! Everything is just beautiful. I so admire you!

  21. So many things to love in this little house! First off, the hose is genius! Love the gardening topiary scene on the porch. The stamps on the package are such a perfect touch. Love the chandelier with the shade around it and the fireplace setting. The muslin/canvas bedding is perfect as are the pom poms... so much fun!

  22. I just knew that a Blythe cottage by your hands would be magical.......everything is just perfect...wonderful details as only YOU would create. Love, Love, Love. xox

  23. Hi Caroline,
    Looks like you have been a busy girl. Happy Birthday to
    Miss Lizzy......sounds like she had fun tearing up her cat toys!! lol I think she secretly knows, I mean what dog wants to get caught with a cat toy, ya know what I mean??? lol

    Loved all your nice gifts you got, wow, how fun is that.
    Those doll clothes are so cute and all those wonderful looking nonedible sweet.
    Also very pretty bracelet too.
    Did you just have a birthday too??? and I missed it....

    and your Blythe cottage is darling as always. So cute loved all the potting that is happening on the porch,
    and the package and broom and dust pan, such a clever idea. Love that adorable lil bed with the bear,
    and that beautiful lil chair..........just so many charming just get better and better, and now you are making Blythe dolls too... they are so cute too.
    Well you take care and hope you are doing well,
    sorry for the long time in between visits.....we were
    away for awhile, then exhausted and catching up
    afterwards for a few weeks.

    Blessings hon, Nellie

  24. OMG that is the best Blythe doll house I have ever seen. Your work is amazing and so detailed. I hope you make more of these :-) Thank you for sharing your work

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