Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Potting Shed Dollhouse

My newest dollhouse is actually a Potting Shed.  This shed is 1/12 scale and completely custom made.
This shed is 14 3/4"(37.4cm) tall x 15"(38cm) deep x 8 1/2"(21.5cm) across. And the porch/garden is 6 1/4" deep(15.8cm).
The dirt is ground coffee.
The path is sand. Nothing is glued down in this house.  The little red wagon can roll around. I dipped the wagon in paint stripper and then added som rust. The rust is just a couple of shades of yellow brown acrylic paint.

I made the flowers myself. I used colored tissue paper for the pink poppies. The other two have hole punch cut petals I glued on individually.   All of them have a clay core.
This side has the battery and switch hidden under the vines. I don't always have a chimney to hide the wiring. Another option is to put everything under the house.

For the roof, I used Crepe Myrtle bark and moss. The front roof has corrugated cardboard painted to look like old tin.

 I made everything in here except for the chandelier which I found in the Christmas ornament section at Hobby Lobby. It was a bright neon color. But so garden like! So I gave it a make-over and added a light.

This shed is available in my shop CinderellaMoments.etsy.com
Thanks for coming over!


  1. How dreamy, Caroline! What a fun piece, especially for a gardener. It's nice that nothing is glued down, so the owner can enjoy "playing" with it. Fun! xo Jennifer

  2. Me encanta,menudo cobertizo precioso que te ha quedado!!! Una elaboración y decoración de lujo!!!!!

  3. What a lovely shed...

    Kind regards Xandra

  4. Incredible! I just love the contrast between rustic & chic. The worn wood with that lovely chandelier...it just such a charming look. I agree with Jennifer, half the fun of owning this beautiful piece is the opportunity to "play."
    :-) Lisa

  5. Привет, Каролина!
    Как всегда, прекрасная работа! Старый потертый сарай, но выглядит прекрасно! Все продумано и предусмотрено!

  6. Gorgeous! I like the many small details.

  7. It is so cute!! But well, I miss all the pink and light blue stuff you use in your other dollhouses... Anyways, it is a very nice house, and I love all the little details you put there, like the red wagon:)
    Hugs, Candy:)

  8. Wow! Amaizing...perfect as always.

  9. Okay, can I order one of these in big girl size:) I love it! I dream of having a real one someday. Your mini version is lovely, down to every little detail. Perfection!

  10. How busy you've been while I was away... Everything is so gorgeous and full of charm. I love the potting shed.
    Concerning the doll I am amazed. To be honest when I see how the doll was at the start I find it awful and with your work the doll really becomes beautiful with a character of its own.

  11. Love the potting shed. I'm horrible at gardening, so it's a wonderful idea to have it in miniature! BTW, how do you get the ground coffee and sand to stay in place?

    1. Hi Donna! I use Aileen's Tacky white glue. I paint it on with a paint brush. Use a pretty decent amount. Then I pour the coffee or sand over it, tap it down a bit and walk away. When it's all dry get the excess off and Voila!

  12. Wow wonderful potting shed I could spend a lot of hours in this one :))) I love the chandelier and the cute red wagon.
    Hugs Maria

  13. Hi Caroline, this is the most adorable potting shed I ever saw !!!
    It looks sooo charming and inviting..........you did a wonderful job :)
    Have a great week.

    Hugs Mieke xxx

  14. I forgot about your Wiltshire cottage project. How's it coming along? I'm excited to see what you do with the exterior. The 'cotswold' has so many different looks. ; )
    Ps. Visit my blog and see what I'm doing with Toad Hollow. I'm really getting into writing the art books that go along with the cottage. I almost wish I didn't have to build the cottage! Lol keytomyworld.com. ; D

  15. I absolutely love LOVE this shed, the weathered look and the little garden, just wonderful!

    Oh winter will be here where I am too soon, scenes like this would be wonderful to have for memories!

  16. So many fantastic ideas here! I have always wanted to make a potting shed. What a beautiful mix of textures! :)

  17. Het ziet er prachtig uit Caroline lieve groetjes Daniëlle

  18. Such a cute shed. I love little plants that are planted and the little wagon that with all the tools.

  19. Hi Caroline!

    Love the little potting shed! It almost makes me want to take up gardening, despite the fact that I have a "black" thumb.
    Hope all is well in your corner of the world.

  20. Caroline, Your potting shed IS one my favorites of your works! Though..I like hem all very much! :)

  21. Wonderful shed! You always add such great details!

  22. It's completely and utterly enchanting - a favourite for me too, I think... beautiful detailing.
    Alison x

  23. I think its cute , love the pink hose...it speaks to my girly side :-) ox Marisa

  24. Each time I see your work it leaves me speechless... for the dioramas as well as your Blythes customizations! Splendid!

  25. Me encanta es fantástico, me recuerda a la caseta en la que jugábamos de niños, no se porque me ha recordado mi infancia.
    Un abrazo.