Sunday, September 14, 2014

Quintessential Cottage Dollhouse Almost Done

I decided to make the Quintessential Cottage a Winter/Christmas dollhouse.
It's not quite done yet. There are some trims missing. Also some pieces of furniture that I need to make.  I had the green bottlebrush Christmas trees. I dipped them in bleach and they instantly changed to this wonderful cream color. Instant gratification!!
But I'm happy with the look I achieved. It's very rustic almost "primitive" style.
All the sides are different. This side is birch siding done vertically.
I kept everything in a tan/oatmeal/cream palette. That way it's very soothing and dreamy.
You can barely see the lights in the fireplace. I promise I'll capture them better in the final post for this house. I sprayed the "throw" with hairspray and then laid it on the chair. I pinned it in place until it was dry. Now it drapes over the cozy armchair.
Upstairs, I made a bed with 2 pieces of metal fence I had. I hot glued the bedding in place.
Next time, this house will be done!  I'm not sure if I should use snow or not. Hmmmm?
Thanks for the visit!


  1. amazing and wonderful, Caroline. I love how you combine the different textures in your work, it's beautiful. perfect, as always work.
    A big hugs.

  2. Wow! It looks so wonderful right now, I can imagine how gorgeous it is going to be when it is finished! Christmas is my favourite holiday so it males that house even better.

  3. I alway love the cream dream scape you create with your choices this house is just wonderful as the rest. The fireplace is perfect!

  4. Simply delightful! I would love to curl up in that chair with a good book :-) I have some bottle brush trees and did not know about the bleach trick. Yours have turned out fabulous. I may have to try this for a different look. Thank you for the inspiration!
    Have a great week,

  5. Wonderful house Caroline! I really like the bed!
    Snow?! that sounds interesting =)

  6. Dank je wel voor je reactie Caroline dit ziet er ook weer beeldig uit mooi zo de kleur en weer heel knap lieve groetjes Danielle

  7. Magnífica Caroline, es absolutamente preciosa, me encanta la ropa de cama y la idea de poner los árboles en lejía es genial, creo que lo probaré.
    Estoy deseando ver el resto de los detalles.
    Un abrazo.

  8. Hi Caroline! This cottage does indeed, look "Dreamy". Your cottages always have peacefulness and serenity built right into the soul of each one of your tiny dwellings.
    The color scheme is very soft and one can imagine the snow falling softly outside while whoever is inside is snug as a bug in a rug, especially when curled up by the fire.


  9. I just love it, the contrast between the rustic boards and the lace on the bed is really great. And I'm feeling encouraged - I'm planning the conversion of a real life shed and chicken coop into a studio/sleep-out when we move back to our cottage in New Zealand and the part where the chickens have been living is just like your attic! ;)

  10. Hi Caroline, the little cottage is soo adorable, I love the colors you used, it all fits so perfect together:)
    Thank you for the bleach trick, it is such a clever idea.
    Have a great week !!

    Hugs Mieke xxx

  11. Caroline,
    I am amazed at how you do this! So talented....I just love everything about this cottage.

  12. The house is so warm and inviting and serene! I love how the delicate lace trim on the bed looks with the more rustic, dark wood ceiling. I'd LOVE to see more holiday houses from you. I'm sure they'd be amazing!

  13. So very pretty. How about a slightly frosted look. And just a very light dusting of snow. First one of the season is always a bit magical!

  14. Such a pretty and snug little cottage. Snow would be wonderful! You know how we Texans are about any snow around Christmas!!!

  15. Es impresionante tu trabajo,nunca dejas de asombrarme,todo se combina y se funde suavemente sin estridencias,creando un ambiente maravilloso,tanto por dentro como por fuera,enhorabuena por esta nueva casa!!!

  16. Hi Caroline! The house looks wonderful, it has such a serene atmosphere, I really love these natural colors :D!
    But I have a question for you: what exactly is "quintessential"? Is it rustic, or something like that? I've never heard this word before and the translator doesn't translate it very well :(....
    I see that you're in the mood for Christmas, just like many other bloggers......I am afraid that I'm always a bit too late with that, especially because here we have the most beautiful summer weather, we haven't had it for weeks now :D!
    I wish you lots of fun and creativity for finishing this beautiful Cottage!
    Hugs, Ilona

  17. Ваши дома это совершенство! Всегда! В доме чувствуется умиротворение, тишина. Очень тепло около камина. Очень медленно падают снежинки. За окном все остановилось.... Мне кажется, что снег должен быть. Но очень, очень мало... Слегка припорошено.... И обязательно яркий огонь в камине!!

  18. Great decoration for the interior! Thanks for the tip about the "throw".

  19. Like a dream! I like the colors, furniture and accessoires.

  20. It's looking wonderful, Caroline! I'm so excited to see the final photos!!! xo Jennifer

  21. That chair looks so inviting that all I want to do is just sitting on it!!