Sunday, January 25, 2015

Erin's Sweet Gesture!

Yesterday, I received Erin Hellebuyck's book Storybook Cottage Adventures.  This is a book filled with the sweetest, most delightful stories.

The stories are so cute! I love the one about the little village during Halloween time.  All that talk about yummy food made me very hungry!  There are even a couple of recipes in this book. Erin thought of everything.  I love these types of magical and wholesome stories about cute little characters in make believe lands.
I was so touched that Erin dedicated her book to me. What an unexpected honor! Warms my little heart! :)  Thank you Erin!   Erin's blog is called Key to my World .  Erin makes miniatures and dollhouses that inspire or are inspired by her stories. The dollhouses and books coordinate together. Such a fun idea! I hope you'll drop by Key to my World and say hi to Erin. She will be another blogger friend you'll be happy to know. Erin's books are available on Etsy:

 I will put this book with the rest of my treasured gifts from all of you in blog land! I can't tell you how happy I am to be part of such a close-knit community. You are all so kind, generous, and supportive. And that also goes for everyone who just comes to read the posts. I appreciate everyone!  
You all put a big smile on my face everyday.
*I'm putting all the accessories and furniture into "Un Immeuble a Paris" right now.  It will be my next post!

lots of love and hugs♥,


  1. What a sweet gift! Don't we all wish we could live in adorable fairy dollhouses in storybook villages?

  2. Omg Caroline! I'm laughing so hard because I thought I'd pop over to your place and enjoy the progress on the flower/ shabby chic shop and I see my book. At first, I was like 'stupid iPad!' Then I realized was actually at your site. Lol. Cheers luvvy. ; D

  3. Un precioso y adorable regalo que te llevará por mundos mágicos,al igual que tu nos llevas a nosotros con tus maravillosas casas de ensueño!!

  4. Congratulations Caroline! I hope you enjoy a lot of your wonderful gift. a hug, Marisa

  5. By the way, I like the new look. It's clean and concise but still retains the charm. ; ) ( your website)

  6. Hi, what an honor to have a book dedication. I will check out Erins site. Loved the birthday pic and looking forward to seeing your Paris cottage.

  7. Que bonito regalo Caroline, a mí también me gusta mucho la fantasía y sus personajes.
    Enhorabuena por tan preciado libro.

  8. Congrats on another thoughtful gift! You deserve all of these things and more. Enjoy! xo Jennifer

  9. What a sweet and very thoughtful gift, Caroline! Enjoy this heartwarming gift :D!! Thanks for sharing the link to Erin's blog, I'll visit her blog.
    Hugs, Ilona

  10. Such a thoughtful gift! Great to have such friends =)

  11. A treasured gift for sure. Happy birthday

  12. Hoi Caroline,
    je hebt het poppenhuisje weer heel mooi gemaakt.
    heerlijk om naar te kijken.
    lieve groetjes Marja