Saturday, May 16, 2015

A Week at the Beach!

It was vacation time. And My family and I went to the beach in north Florida.
There were plenty of dolphins.
All gorgeous weather. Even the clouds that were off in the distance stayed away. 

 Guess who also came to the beach.....
It's Gigie!  She's now 6 months old. I got her used to the car right away. And kept taking her places a few times a week to make sure she would remember. She also loves this rolling pet carrier. It's a home for her and she feels safe in it.  
Wait a minute.... what is this? 
A litter box as far as the eye can see! 
Oooooh! And it smells like fish dinner too!  Gigie loved the beach. She was very relaxed and even lying down taking it all in.  She's a very laid back cat.  And she behaved so perfectly on this trip. She's a pro! 
Back home and all tuckered out! 
 Lizzie had a blast. She's a total beach bum!
 And napping on the beach is the best!
That was my vacation. Now back to work on all those dollhouses! I hope you all had a wonderful week!


  1. OMG, that is so cute and your photos are beautiful. (I'm guessing this is Destin, or near it? That's my favorite area when it comes to beaches). Florida's beaches are the most beautiful. I haven't been to a beach in decades.

    By the way, I love your pets' names.

    1. Hi Kristin! Yes! You're right. It's the Destin area. Watersound to be exact. They have built a lot there. Everything is new and there are now tons of stores and restaurants. You'll have to go back and check it out! hugs♥

  2. What a grand vacation. Even the girls had a good time, it looks like. I am amazed at the blues and greens of the sea and the wonderful white sands. So beautiful. Now back to work, huh?

  3. Missed you but glad you had a relaxing getaway. The girls are adorable. Can't wait to see your next creation. My son and his girlfriend took me to Bow Washington. We had a fabulous lunch and went to a cheese farm and sampled some delicious cheeses. It was a very nice mother's day.

  4. Wow what a lovely beach, white sand and a perfect day! Your fuzzy babies look so happy playing in the big sand box, great shots as always!

  5. My cat *clawdette* wont get into the car at all, I think she's scared of them (which is a good thing because she likes to go roam outside but she stays away from the street) but my dog Honey thats another story..she'll jump into the car for anything ...even if it's just a trip to the bank down the street. (probbly because they give her a dog biscut) Im glad you guys had a good time :)


    PS Honey and Clawdette send thier regards :)

  6. Que playa tan maravillosa y las fotos son geniales!!! Habéis disfrutado todos mucho y a Lizzie y Gigie se las ve felices!!!!!!

  7. That little pet carrier is so cute! I don't blame Gigie for loving it! I can see Lizzie already knows the ropes when it comes to hanging out on the beach:) Glad you had a great time and now that you're all refreshed, I can't wait to see some new dollhouses!

  8. Wonderful holiday :) Your girls sure did enjoy it. Fantastic pictures I can almost feel the lovely sand between my toes :D
    Hugs Maria

  9. Me alegra que todos lo hayais pasado tan bien. Se les vé tan felices.
    Me encantan la primera y última foto de Gigie, es tan simpática.

  10. Aw Caroline, I'm so glad all of you had a wonderful time. You deserve it. Your pictures are lovely, and it's so nice to see the pets had a ball as well!
    All the best

  11. Che buffa Gigie! Troppo bella! Se non fosse per i delfini e la sabbia, troppo diversa, la tua vacanza sembrerebbe una bella località del mio Salento! ;-)

  12. ¡Qué playa mas bonita y que arena mas fina! Me alegro que todos hayais disfrutado juntos. Aquí no permiten animales en la playas.

  13. I am so jealous! Not only did you get to have a fantastic time by the water but you had your fur babies with you as well! That's the ultimate vacation!
    Gorgeous photos!
    I laughed out loud at Gigie's thoughts of the beach. Too funny.

  14. Your vacation looked wonderful! The pets are sooooo cute too. Welcome back luvvy!

  15. Sounds like you had a great vacation! I wouldn't mind spending my vacation at a beautiful beach like this =) I'm glad the animals liked it too!!

  16. Maravilloso lugar y encantadora compañía!
    Deberíamos poder hacer esto al menos una vez al mes! Jaaaa!
    Un beso! :)

  17. Your photos are beautiful...I love to see Gigi and Lizzie on the beach...they look very happy! ;) Big hugs

  18. Thank you for sharing these beautiful beach photos! Lucky you!

  19. Wonderful photos, fun post! Glad you got to go have a break from dollhouses, and I'm glad you're back too! xo Jennifer

  20. Oh, adorable photos. So glad you had a lovely break and Lizzie and Gigie loved it too.

  21. Привет Кэролайн!
    Такие прекрасные фотографии! Я чувствую соленый воздух, я слышу прибой! Я рада, что увидела ваших счастливых питомцев!

  22. Hi Caroline,
    Remember me??
    So you just had your Florida Beach Vacation, way to go!! The beach
    looks beautiful..........and loved how your kitty loves her rolling house.
    We still have not gotten ours trained yet, our fault, we did however
    get her in the harness which was quite amazing in an off itself, but
    we really need to get busy. Problem is I really don't want to take her
    cause she and Rosie don't get along that well which could wind up
    being a real hassle........but then having to make her stay outside
    the whole time we are gone is hard too, even tho she is on the porch,
    and my SiL comes twice a day. She is scared of thunderstorms
    and it seems like every single time we decide to go away it starts then I feel so bad for her, but I would be afraid
    to leave her inside cause she will not go in a litter box......course,
    I like that she goes outside, not too crazy about litter boxes.

    Anyway, how in the world are you girlie..........have missed being
    in touch with you, Hope you had a great time at the beach with
    your family and bet you are as busy as a beaver building adorable
    one of a kind beautiful mini houses............I love ever one I have
    You take care, and drop by soon sweetie,
    Blessings, Nelllie

  23. Hi Caroline....l absolutely loved this post and cacked myself laughing at Gigie in her "rolling" backpack? so funny and yeah kitty litter heaven.
    Your photos are fantastic, Florida looks like a wonderful holiday destination. Lizzie even kicked up her heels...haha!!

  24. WOW! The view is amazing and it looks like the weather was gorgeous! Can't believe that you guys got to see dolphins! How exciting! Hope the kitty did well on the beach- I literally laughed out loud when I read the comment about "a litter box as far as the eye can see".

  25. Wonderful photos but the stars of this post, this time are not your dolls houses or minis.....your pets are the stars and they are simply gorgeous!!!!