Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Promenade Townhouse Dollhouse

This is Promenade Dollhouse. It's a custom dollhouse I made from scratch.
 This dollhouse is 20" tall x 13" across  x 13 1/2" deep.
 For this house, I went with a very sophisticated palette of grays accented with crisp white trims.
 The vines are from Hobby Lobby. Please check my "resources" page for links on products I use.
 The trellis is bass wood veneer I cut into thin strips.  The shutters came from the Primrose kit I used to use when I first started building dollhouses.

 I made the little garden with an iron fence, more vines, Heather sprays of flowers and roses I made myself.  I glued down sand(the kind used for candle fillers) using simple white glue.

There's a white wash on the pine Popsicle stick floow. That's just regular white paint thinned down with water.
 I decided to leave the interior completely white.

 I love the rustic look of the uneven floor boards. It gives the house so much character.
 I got the little birdcage from Hobby Lobby. It's a section with embellishments near the scrapbook isle. It was a brass color to begin. I dunked it in the white paint can and let it drip dry. This puts a thick coat of paint on the object.  Then I put a little light inside and covered it with vines and roses.

There's also a light above the front door.  I tried out a french door handle. I did this by sticking a piece of bent wire into a bead. Then I painted the "enamel" part with nail polish in layers to get a thick look.
I then painted the rest with black enamel paint and aged it with maroon acrylic paint.
I hope you are all having a wonderful Spring. And that all your mini projects are coming together with ease! Thanks for stopping by!
This house is available in my Etsy shop: www.cinderellamoments.etsy.com


  1. Una nueva creación adorable e irresistible!! cuanto encanto tiene la casa,tanto el exterior como el interior y esas flores brotando por todos los rincones...adorable!!!!

  2. una preciosidad , es increible lo bonito que puede quedar todo en blanco con solo unos matices tan sencillos y unos detalles tan bien elegidos



  3. It is always inspiring to visit your blog. This house is a beauty but that floor... is just stunning!! You are very generous, thank you for sharing your knowledge. I might try that door handle, what a great idea. Thank you again :)

  4. Te está quedando ideal y ese suelo rustico me fascina.
    Un abrazo

  5. Very beautiful! The details are romantic and refined. Flowers and plants are perfect.

  6. I love the big windows and the chandelier. You find such ingenious ways to create items. You are my muse. Do you ever use those to scale clay bricks? I am using them on my farmhouse. I just haven't had time to blog about them. Love this house. It will make the new homeowner very happy.

  7. Felicidades un trabajo maravilloso!! hugs, Marisa

  8. Preciosa!!! Me encanta el aspecto que has conseguido dar al suelo, la lámpara, las flores y plantas que hay en el jardín y la fachada... Me encanta todo!!!! ♥

  9. Really gorgeous!!! I love the little garden with the fence.

  10. Una delicia de casa, muy fina y delicada y el picaporte estilo francés te ha quedad genial:-)

  11. Es preciosa!!! No se como lo haces, pero siempre hay algo que la hace especial y diferente.

  12. It's stunning! I love everything about it and most of all the door handle and the number 48 above the door. What I love about your houses is that they have your personal stamp on them, the sweet Caroline signature no matter what size or style you make them.
    Hugs, Drora

  13. Thank you for sharing, Caroline. Your latest chandeliers are just lovely, I adore them, as well as this sensational house.

  14. Hi Caroline! Your Promenade townhouse has all of the personality and charm of your famous country cottages. The exterior is soooo cute! Love the big windows and the amount of light which travels inside the building. I also like the chandelier and the character of shabby sophistication which is found both inside and out- Beautiful work, Everywhere you look! :))


  15. Amaizing! I love your works.
    Lots hugs!❤

  16. Gorgeous<3<3 I think the roof looks great!

  17. Vaya, esta entrada no se me había actualizado, menos mal que la he visto a tiempo.
    !!!! Que preciosidad !!!, me encanta el suelo de madera y los exteriores geniales.
    Siempre es un placer ver tus maravillosas casas.

  18. Fantastically beautiful house. Many interesting nuances. Very inspiring. Hugs, Julia

  19. Caroline, this house is beautiful. All the little details make it charming and sweet, I love what you did with the birdcage! and the top window, I dream of a reading nook over there ... with a tiny cup of tea.


  20. Very beautiful! ♥
    I have just started with my little cottage and these photos with your ideas are very helpful. (And also your book what i have :)
    My house will look very different. I invite you for a visit when I get it ready. :)

  21. Looks great! Your blog and the photos are very inspirating. <3

  22. Hi Caroline,
    Love it love it love it......the big windows are so different, and loved the
    cute lil trellis on the side, and it look like it could be part of a row house
    in New York or somewhere. Very Stylish and cute as can be...........
    Hope you are doing well hon. Hope you had a lovely Easter as well.
    You have a great rest of the week sweetie,
    Love and Blessings,

  23. ok, you've outdone yourself with this one I love the lights and the handle on the front door just blew me away it's so stinking cute! Thank you for sharing the process and that trellis is just too cute.

    sorry this is so late but I'll be on time next time

    Marisa :)