Tuesday, August 1, 2017

New Project: 'In Tatters" Custom Dollhouse

Here's my new dollhouse...
LOL! Not quite yet.  I did get 2 items premade/bought: the door and the stairs. Both come from Hobby Lobby. The material I'm using for the house is Tempered Hardboard from Home Depot. See my 'resources' page for the link.
I like to do a mock up of the house before I start cutting all the walls. I always mess up the stair placement when I do the plans on paper. I just have to make sure there is enough space for a landing at the top. The door will be a bump out section. And there is a second bump out section on the side. You could cut the floor as one or do like me and have the bump outs separate. It doesn't matter.

 This house is 16 3/4" wide x 16 1/4" deep x 18 1/4" tall for now.
After I cut out all the pieces(some twice...oops!) I put the house together with hot glue. You can then put wood glue on all the seams to make it stronger. But using hot glue to hold it all together means no clamps and no waiting around for hours. This is when I try to see if I've made design mistakes. Like the stairs not fitting! Placing the stairs the wrong way happens to me on at least 2 houses a year.
I also put my plastic film on the window openings and framed them with popsicle sticks. The wiring for the lights and fireplace is in place. All the wires get drawn upwards towards the roof where they will be connected to the battery inside the chimney. I used concrete to cover the chimney. I carved brick shapes into it.
 Upstairs will be a bedroom.

 Downstairs is a little eating area in front of the mantel, a chair towards the back.
 The bump out section will be an art studio.
The interior is super shabby of course.  More to come!


  1. Another sweet as sweet can be cottage. Cant wait to see it done. Hugs, LJ

  2. Como siempre, tiene un aspecto fantástico, y seguro quedará preciosa.

  3. Me encanta el diseño. Muy imaginativo. La zona del estudio preciosa.

  4. I love this new prohect!
    Big hugs❤️😍

  5. I love the Shabby Chic interior and the general layout of this house Caroline. The staircase and the artist's studio look Really Fab! :))

  6. Looks great now. I'm curious about new pictures.

    LG Alexandra

  7. As usual, cute. I am wondering if you connect all of the lights--if you have more than one--to one battery? Anxious to see your accessories and furniture which are always so cute and inspire me to make my own.

  8. Que gran trabajo estás haciendo,luce preciosa! espero los avances..

  9. What an interesting new project! I can't wait to see more, especially the art studio.

  10. I love this house! are you going to be selling plans for it?