Thursday, March 8, 2018

A Pocket Full of Wishes A Basket Full of Fishes Bungalow Dollhouse

My latest commission for Marsha of Tumble Fish Studio
She wanted something like the Shabby Chic Dollhouse but with a porch and colorful interior.
Here's how I start...with an incredibly complicated blueprint. LOL! Just a sketch!
It's just a general reminder of what the house will look like... sort of!

The walls get glued together.
 Inside the floor goes in and the wallpaper gets glued on.

Marsha wanted fish in the design. I found this wallpaper on Pinterest. If you like any wallpapers I use check out my Pinterest board called Pretty Paper
I usually put all the paper I use in dollhouses there.
 And this is where the house is now. The roof gets painted green because the shingles will be green. You don't want to see and different colors in any gaps. This makes the roof tidy. To paint the shingle, I make a paint "bath". That's diluted paint in water. You can make the whole batch of shingles at once in no time. These will go on after they've dried completely.
 The house has 2 different wall finishes. One is the board on board siding and the other smooth plaster.

The next step is to finish the siding, trims, porch, paint the exterior.
 The stairs still need the railing. The door is ready to go in. It has a screen door too.
 All the windows still need the pane trim.
The stripe wall has been white washed a bit. Just to give it a bit more character.
Thanks for coming by!


  1. I adore the creativity and colors of this house! Marsha from Tumblefish looks to be a creative, artistic soul....and this house is right in line with the style I saw on her website. I am sure she will be thrilled. I cannot wait to see it completed. It looks to be a home suited for a brave, outgoing, strong lady. Another masterpiece in the making, Caroline!

  2. Oh my good gracious!!!!! I am beyond swooned and in love and soooooo appreciative! I cannot wait to see it in person. You are so talented, so inspiring! LOVE! You are the bee's knees! ♥

  3. Es un diseño precioso, me encantan esa pared de peces y las vigas del techon !!
    La pintura azul de los candelabros que te gustó es chalky, tanto la azul turquesa como la celeste.
    Un abrazo

  4. Me gusta tu casita de colores :)

  5. El diseño es muy bonito y los primeros colores,resultan muy atractivos!

  6. A beautiful house in the making. I love all the little details you add, the mix of different techniques and textures that make your houses so unique and original. But, what I admire the most if your generosity, thank you.

  7. So cute Caroline. Love the fish wallpaper. This one's going to be adorable. I have to try one. Please refresh my memory. What do you use as your basic frame, aka walls?

  8. Great new project full of colours, I love the paper with the fish.

  9. A very lovely house. I love the colors. It's fantastic how you can meet the purchaser's requirements and still keep your personal style. I see many of your houses on Pinterest and immediately recognize they are yours.
    Hugs, Drora

  10. Love your new project, Caroline!!!

  11. This one is adorable Caroline. I love the fish wallpaper. I really want to try one now. Please refresh my memory as to what you use for the walls. I can't wait to see this one come to life. I had another comment, but I think it got lost in cyberspace.

  12. Hi Caroline,
    So nice to be here and hope you are doing well hon. Wow, another diamond in
    the seeing how you put your lil houses together. Can't wait
    to see the finished product. So how is your dad doing?? Hope as well as the
    last time I heard....and how did your beach trip go?? Hope you all had a
    fantastic time. We have had the most beautiful weather since last Friday,
    it has been crisp and cool, breezy, sunny and with clear blue skies sometimes with no clouds, and at other times lots of clouds, simply put...
    gorgeous take your breathe away beautiful days. Making me very happy I live
    Well, come see me gal, have missed you.
    Blessings, Nellie

  13. Bonito modelo de casa. Las diferentes texturas en la fachada queda fantástico.
    Gracias por el enlace.

  14. Caroline, this is my third attempt to comment. Hope it goes through this time. Just wanted to say that this build is looking super cute. I love the fish wallpaper. Also, was wondering if you could refresh my memory as to what you use for the walls & foundation of your houses.

  15. You are a skilled architect. The new house is amazing.

  16. Love the board and batten side 😁 This is going to be one cute house! I'll be watching for more cuteness.


  17. Caroline you make everything look so pretty and fun!
    Heading to Pinterest to check out your papers. The fish paper is adorable!
    Looking forward to progress :)
    I haven't seen a house furnished. Have you a complete house furnished to share?
    Would love to see.

  18. Once again I'm in love with the wallpapers and colours you choose. You make the construction process look like so much fun!