Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Somewhere in France Custom Dollhouse Complete

We're done with "Somewhere in France" dollhouse! This is a commission for Sharon in Australia. This house has a long trip home!
This house is 24" across x 24  1/2" tall without the chimneys. The chimneys are a couple of inches tall and are not glued on for shipping. And it's 21  1/2" deep + 3" or so for the front porch floor which is also not glued on so the house can fit in the box.

This is a side door into the kitchen.

 Living room with working fire.

 Entry hall.

View from front door towards the back.
 This is the kitchen.

 This is the bathroom. All the windows open.
 Door into the bathroom from hallway.

 Upstairs hallway.

 The bedroom with all opening windows.

 The massive attic!

No time to rest on our laurels! We have Roberta waiting on her commissioned dollhouse! See you next time!


  1. Somewhere in France is Utterly Charming, Caroline!
    The exterior reminds of me of a Storybook illustration. This house has lots of character and playfulness and some wonderfully romantic details.
    The new owner is going to have Plenty of Scope for her Imagination as she is outfitting this chateau- BEAUTIFUL WORK both INside and Out! ♥:D

  2. Oh my, I think this is your most beautiful house yet. And shipping to Australia! Just stunning!

  3. Your most beautiful house! Truly stunning!

  4. Realmente impresionante,el interior precioso,pero el exterior es todo un lujo,esas ventanas grandes,la forja....me encanta!!

  5. Wow, just wow.
    What a beautiful job of yours, the recipient is to be envied. Exactly my style, I would love to move in there.
    The many details, everything is just right.

    Hugs Alexandra

  6. Wonderful work, bravo!!!

  7. I really love this house, it's full of old fashioned charm.

  8. This is a really amazing build. Cool to see you do a big house! I love your aged paint effects.. It's just right for the crumbling grandeur of a French country house. :) I hope it survives the trip to OZ.

  9. ¡Es impresionante! Muy , muy bonita.

  10. Puedo imaginar tantas historias mirándola...! ♥

  11. Oh my gosh! What a lucky lady to receive this beauty! I love everything about it!!

  12. Your client will be so pleased. I admire how you achieve such interesting finishes.

    The house is indeed a treasure.

  13. A great result !!! I love this house.
    I will be glad if you tell me how the gates give the old look.

  14. Wow. This was quite an undertaking. You have done an exquisite job with all of the details....and there are so many details! Lighting, textures on the floors, walls, and exterior.....aging of the finishes. I think it is more wonderful than the Pinterest picture home that served as the inspiration. Hopefully Sharon will share a few photos when she puts some of her tiny treasures inside. You have put so much time and creativity into it.....as you always do. Excited to see what you have next on your agenda. :)

  15. Guauuuu, todas tus casas son preciosas, pero ésta es espectacular !!!!!.
    Me encanta !!!!!!

  16. Wonderful as always! *___*

  17. It turned out stunning! As always, I love the colours you use. This house is extra special with those whimsical white curtains, and so spacious, I wish I could move right in.

  18. Open applause. Wonderful!!!! I really like his style and I like taking care of the details of the exterior of the project, which is rare to see because usually you only see the inside of the room.

  19. Hi Caroline,
    Oh my heavens I love this house, it is so realistic looking I just want to
    shrink myself and move right in..........incredible work hon, it is just so
    lovely......and I know whoever bought it.....should be beyond thrilled.

    So how is life treating you these days.....continued blessings I hope!
    So guess you are working on a new house by now, look forward to seeing it.
    Love and Blessings,

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  21. БРАВО! Невероятно круто!

  22. Breathtaking!!! I must go back and look at it all again...and wish for something this beautiful for myself one day.

  23. Absolutely stunning. Takes my breath way-such skill and charm. how can I commission a home of this style?
    Thank you,
    Debra McGrath

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  25. Absolute perfection!!! Where do you get all the vines for outside of the house ?