Wednesday, June 6, 2018

A New Design: Heritage House Custom Dollhouse

I'm back after a few absent weeks. First, I went to the beach for a vacation. Then I took a couple of weeks to come up and build a new design. This is Heritage House. It's a smaller version of "Somewhere in France."
This custom dollhouse is 23 3/4" tall x 18" deep x 19 1/2"across. The lights and fireplace mantle have battery operated light.
The outside walls are plaster.

Inside is very open.

 There are 3 flickering bulbs in the mantle.

I hope you enjoyed your visit!
Thanks for coming over!


  1. ¡Qué bien vienen unas vacaciones aunque sean pequeñas! Tu nueva obra tan encantadora como siempre. Fantásticos todos los detalles.

  2. Lovely! You have been missed!
    Once again inspiring!

  3. I really love your French houses.

  4. Romántica y encantadora; es un verdadero placer contemplarla! ♥

  5. How beautiful and delicate ! I love the aged look, the plants .... I would like to live there !!!

  6. Welcome back, Caroline! Once again a very beautiful house. I love the front door detail, and the fact that it is so open and spacious inside. Do you have a house of your own that you have furnished? Maybe you can blog about it sometime, I just love your style!

  7. Como todas tus casas, es espléndida y encantadora !!!!!

  8. Another wonderful house. I love the shutters and the faded blue door so welcoming.
    Hugs Maria

  9. Het is weer schitterend geworden zo knap gedaan ik hoop dat je een fijne vacantie hebt gehad lieve groetjes Daniëlle

  10. I love this newest creation! How clever to create an entryway with the “stone” tile floor! The brick wall downstairs and the aged darker wall upstairs add so much character. I adore the color of the door and shutters. With such a large, open space, there is plenty of room to add fun furniture pieces. The chandeliers are they always are. Keep pressing are adding beauty to this world with each new endeavor! Hope you enjoyed your well-earned beach vacation!

  11. Hi Caroline,
    How are you girlie.....and how was your trip to the beach? Great as always I hope.
    Well, you have another winner here hon. Lovely and charming and I love the
    rustic robins egg blue doors and shutters (my fav color) and that it is a full 2 story house. Also the tin looking roof. Wonderful as always.

    Love and Blessings,

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