Monday, September 9, 2019

Beach Blessings Cottage Custom Dollhouse

This is Beach Blessings Cottage dollhouse. A cottage inspired by beach living!  It is very neutral with all the white inside and out. But with a pop of color at the door- seaglass colored of course!
 This is a 1/12 scale dollhouse. It measures 16 1/2" tall x 14 3/4" deep x 12 1/4" across.

 The interior is very airy feeling. I did a more delicate looking chandelier. The floors and wall are white yet with plenty of vintage character.
 The interior is 11 1/4" front to back x 10"  wide x 13 3/4" tall.
 And the ceiling is driftwood colored.

I have staged some furniture here to show the size. You can fit a lot in here. 
This cottage is available at
Happy creating!


  1. Maravillosa como siempre y adorable el detalle de la bañera! ♥

  2. I have been admiring your work for years- you are a true artistic master with the most amazing details. I have a couple of questions. What do you use as a base for the house to sit on? Also, how do you do all the interior work without your hands essentially getting in the way/ fitting (if that makes sense) in those tight spaces? Would it be easier for a beginner to finish interiors before you put the house together?

    1. Hi! It's not a base. It's just the foundation. I have the floor inside up off the ground 1".
      I don't think you could do the interior before putting the house together because I use plaster for some of the walls and I like it to look neat by making sure it goes right up to the ceiling. You could just make your house a little bigger so you have more space to work with. hugs,

  3. its beautiful, I love the moss around the edges that makes it look like sea grass.

    Lilly sends a woof woof