Friday, January 17, 2020

The Lanhardt House part 2

The upstairs of Landhardt House dollhouse is completed and we are now on the exterior.

The lights are now all connected.

I had to get my camera in a weird angle  for this shot and it distorted things a little.

 The exterior is lots of different textures. 
 There is Board and batten, siding, brick, stone, plaster.
 On this project I decided to use some sheet bricks in an attempt to keep the weight down. The house is already pretty heavy.

 The stones are carved into wet concrete.
Next, the paint, window panes, and all the rest of the exterior finishes will be put on.  The next post will show you the finished house. 


  1. I love the inside with the lights on. the structure of the house is great.

  2. Big Houses are the best, they leave more room for imagination 🪷