Thursday, June 17, 2021

Un Autre Été Cottage Custom Dollhouse Furnished

 I call this new house "Un Autre Ete Cottage" (Another Summer Cottage). The color of the exterior reminded me so much of Summer.  This one is completely furnished.  

It's a romantic and feminine Summer house. Full of all the girlie charm yet sophisticated and elegant. The perfect Summer cottage!
This house is 13" deep x 10 3/4" across x 21 3/8" tall
The exterior is a light sky blue. It has been perfectly aged to look like a 100 year old well loved cottage.
Our new obsession is adding tons and tons of ornate trim inside and outside.

This is a little metal tub I painted white and filled with white pumpkins and greenery.
The chair cam from an outdoor set sold at Hobby Lobby.  Adorned with a bow it looks so much more feminine.
The heart on the door is from Melissa Frances. 

The taupe roof blended so well with the blue color. The blue paint is a custom paint we mixed ourselves. 

The furniture is almost all handmade. 

The fireplace has little flickering lights for a fire look.

I love how this table turned out.  

All the trim just makes it all look so authentic. 
Upstairs- you guessed it! More trims everywhere and on everything.

I decided the slightly darker grey paper would ground the whole room.  

The rug upstairs is painted with very subtle color. 

We have already decided that a bigger version of this house is going to be made. We all fell in love with the way it came out. So stay tuned for that!
As always, thank you so much for taking the time to look at the photos. I appreciate each and everyone of you so much!
This house is available for purchase on Etsy:


  1. A delightful house with gorgeous details.

  2. ¡Preciosa! ¡Siempre con el mismo aire encantador y siempre innovando!

  3. Great great work again, Caroline! Love it!

  4. Gorgeous! I am looking forward to seeing photos of the bigger version too! You do amazing work!

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  6. It's absolutely beautiful! I especially love the tall table by the bed, the way you did the ceiling & the bucket on the front porch. It's just adorable.

  7. Hi Caroline your houses with all the details are beautiful. Are you willing to share how you make your upholstered wing back chairs? It would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

  8. Good morning Caroline, I am amazed at how beautiful and detailed your work is. Could you please share how you made the architectural bows? Thank you so much.

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