Monday, September 27, 2021

La Bergerie Custom Dollhouse

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La Bergerie- The shepherd's cottage.  When I looked at it I just imagined a shepherdess living there. 
It's another study into ageing cottages- gracefully of course! 

There is a great big atrium type window. A perfect little nook!

There is a working porch light above the door. The door is grey with a slight blue touch to it.  French Grey.

This is under the atrium window.  There's no place left without details.

The battery and switches for the fireplace and lights is in the chimney. 
I love exposed bricks. They had to be part of this design. 
The bricks are brown and whitewashed. The stone foundation is done with ready mix concrete.
The little thatch roof is coconut fiber. You can find those in the garden centre. They are coconut mats to line hanging pots. 
The inside is aged yet still very feminine.  Remember this is a girl sheep herder living here. LOL!

The entry has 2 panels of wallpaper. A large rectangle on top and a square under. I just couldn't get my camera in there. 

Upstairs I added a couple inches to the wall so the roofline didn't touch the floor. Adding that will give you a bit more room for furniture. 
The wallpaper is from scrapbook paper.  And your best material for ageing is brown ink pads.  
I hope you enjoyed this house.  I will be back soon with another design! 


  1. Gorgeous house with a lot of light.

  2. Otra maravillosa creación.
    Me encanta el gran ventanal y las ventanas en la parte superior !!!!