Saturday, April 25, 2015

Summer House Custom Dollhouse

This is my little "Summer House" dollhouse.  It oozes Cape Cod vintage style with the ease of summertime furnishings.
 This dollhouse is made from scratch with a bump out section in the front for the entry.
 This house is 11 3/4" wide x 18 3/4" long x 15 3/4" tall.
 I had this design in my mind for a long time.  The cozy front yard has a sand path that leads to the front door.
 I love the roofs on this dollhouse.  That top front window is such a charmer!

 I decided the dormer should have the shingles. It's so traditional.
I made a screen door for this dollhouse instead of a front door. I didn't want a door to take up any space inside the house.  I use real screen from the hardware store between two pieces of veneer. 
 I made this little bistro chair from Evangelione's wonderful tutorial and a wooden box. 

 The switches are in the chimney. One is for the fireplace and the other controls all the lights.

 I made the entry armoire from bass wood veneer.
Downstairs I made 3 chandeliers and working fire all battery operated.  I also made a sink, vintage style cooking range, upholstered chair, mantel, kitchen table, stool, laundry basket, ladder steps, baking scene, rug, artwork, plate drying rack, shelves, rolling pin, clay houses, bunting, curtains. I think that's everything!

 I tried to make these curtains like they were blowing from the wind of the open window.
Here you can see the little lights in the logs.
 I also put a little apron back there.
 Non of the furniture or accessories are glued down.
If you want to make the stove here's my tutorial:

 Upstairs, everything is handmade.

The tutorial for the tray table is here:
Here's the space empty. 

I hope you enjoyed seeing "Summer House." It's available in my shop

Monday, April 13, 2015

Dollhouse Miniature Tray Table Tutorial

One of the most cottage style table out there is the tray table. I've made a couple of these miniature tray tables for my dollhouses. They add a lot of charm. I've seen there's a kit out there somewhere. But I've never found it. So I decided to try to make one. I'm just winging it though! So as usual it's not perfect. But a good vintage style piece to have anyways! :)
 Deb this one's for you!  (Deb requested this tutorial)
I use 1/16" x 4" x 24" bass wood veneer. I bought it at Hobby Lobby.
First, cut 4 strips that are 1/8" wide by about 3" long. 
Cut all four ends a little slanted so they will touch the ground and the tray when they are crossed.  It's about a 45 degree angle.  Your legs should be about 2 5/8" or so.  You can make the table as tall or short as you need it though. 
Cross your pieces so all the ends are as flat as possible when they touch the ground and the bottom of the tray that will be there. I mark both the top and bottom piece. Put a dot of glue in the center and glue down.  Let dry completely.  (glue: Aleene's Tacky Glue)
Cut out  two more pieces that are  1"8 wide x 1 1/4".
Glue those pieces to the bottom of the legs about a half inch from the ground.  Let dry.
Glue to other legs about half an inch from the ground. Let dry.  The bottom is done!  
For the tray, you'll need a  1 7/8" x 1 3/8"  piece for the bottom.  Two ends are  1/4" x 1 1/2"  and two sides are   1/4" x  2".  I did make 45 degree cuts at the ends for miter joints. You can keep them straight if you don't want to bother with that.
Glue two ends at a slight angle if you do miter joints. And let dry.  This way  you can adjust the two sides as needed before you glue them on in the next step.
My miter joints are far from perfect. But it will be fine after sanding. I dry fitted the two sides and cut them as needed to fit with the ends already on. Glue and let dry.  
Sand the tray.  Almost looks like it's perfect. LOL!
Glue the tray to the legs. Paint. Age if you wish. I use brown ink stamps for that old vintage look. 
I also used gloss on my tray. This is Minwax oil modified polyurethane. It has a slight brown tint to it. I was not impressed when I first got it. But later realized it was perfect for vintage looks.  For the really colorless gloss I use water based polycrylic by Minwax. 
The tray table is 2 5/8" x 1 1/4".
Thanks for coming by!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Summer House Dollhouse and Happenings

I have started a new dollhouse. I'm calling this one "Summer House." 
 There's a little bump out foyer. It's given us a bit of a challenge because we didn't finish the walls before we put on the roof. Now I've decided to put book pages on the wall with the window and the wall with the door.  Hopefully all will turn out wonderful. Or we'll try something else.   Downstairs will be a kitchen and living room. Upstairs is the bedroom.  And we've mocked up the upstairs gable with cardboard.

 I've made the mantel with a working fire. I made all the chandeliers already.  There will be a sink and range in the kitchen. I made both of them with bass wood.
 I made a basket. I used string and wire. I don't know how other people get the weaving to stay in place. I covered mine with Modge Podge. Weird I know. But it worked.  The ironing board is from Hobby Lobby. I painted it white, ripped off the top and made my own so it would be the entire length of the board. And I added a pink ruffle too.
For the kitchen I made a round table and a stool. The chair is from Hobby Lobby.  I made a plate drying rack.
 I'm in the Doll's House Magazine.  The article is so beautifully written by Katie Holloway. This is a gorgeous magazine. Thank you Katie!

And I received a beautiful gift from Monica at Kitchen Miniature.
 She sent me amazing things!!
 Look at that tiny tin heart. It's so delicate.  All those yummies look sooo good!
 Here are tiny notecards.
 Monica has incredible painting skills.
 I love the little stack of fabrics. The cherry jam is one of my favorite things to put in kitchens. There's a little book too.
And look at this! It's a painting of Lizzie!   Monica has captured Lizzie's character perfectly in this portrait. I'm so impressed!  And a bow!
She loves it!! It's the perfect little bow. And she is actually keeping it on. Lizzie says thank you Monica!
 Gigie is also doing terrific. She has really big paws! I wonder if she will be a big cat?
 Look they're sitting close together. Notice Lizzie's body language. That's too close for her! LOL! But Gigie does not take no for an answer.
Also! My Facebook profile page has been changed to a business page. This was done by Facebook.  So I've lost all my "friends" and cannot see your posts anymore.   I will decide how to go forward from here. As it stands I have 2 pages and a new account profile. That's 3 different pages! Rrrrrrr!
I'm going back to mini world. It's more fun there. LOL!