Monday, July 16, 2018

Juniper Lane Dollhouse

My last commission was Juniper Lane, a Custom Dollhouse. Unfortunately, I’m having major internet issues and can only blog with limited access. So these were the only photos I was able to upload.
This needed to be a fairytale like cottage with 2 turrets reminiscent of an early cottage of mine called “Someday my Prince Will Come.” This is a 1” scale house. 

I used plaster for the smooth walls and concrete to make the stones. The roof is coconut fiber that is used to line hanging baskets. This is much cleaner to work with then the loose coconut fibers!

All the vines and flowers are from Hobby Lobby. You’ll find links on the resources page.

The interior was inspired my my 1/2 scale “Miss Read’s Cottage.”

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

A New Design: Heritage House Custom Dollhouse

I'm back after a few absent weeks. First, I went to the beach for a vacation. Then I took a couple of weeks to come up and build a new design. This is Heritage House. It's a smaller version of "Somewhere in France."
This custom dollhouse is 23 3/4" tall x 18" deep x 19 1/2"across. The lights and fireplace mantle have battery operated light.
The outside walls are plaster.

Inside is very open.

 There are 3 flickering bulbs in the mantle.

I hope you enjoyed your visit!
Thanks for coming over!

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

By the Sea Custom Dollhouse

I scheduled some time to build By the Sea- my latest custom dollhouse. This is available in my Etsy shop.
 I took the design of the house from one called Petit Bonheur. I made a couple of changes to it like the dormer window and the extra bump out in the front.
 The exterior is mostly nice, smooth plaster.
 A nice big window gives the entry plenty of light.

 This is a real sand dollar I found on the beach in Florida.
 An old seafoam green door for a beach house is a must!
 I found this fountain at Michael's and knew I had to incorporate it into my design.
 This window slides up and down.

 The beach theme wallpaper comes from Michael's scrapbook department. You can find the ridged paper cardboard at the bottom of the wall and the burlap at Hobby Lobby(scrapbook).

 I found this cool marine globe at Hobby Lobby with the beads and jewelry bits. It's perfect because it already has a hole for your light and the string to attach it to the ceiling.

 I made the mantel. Check out my tutorial page to see how I made it.
 I bought these aqua beads a year ago(Hobby Lobby).  I knew I would find a place for them.

 The bump out had to have the shiplap ceiling.  It's so cottage and so beach house!
 Upstairs the plaster and beams are all white.

 Those are seahorses on the paper.
 I used real seashells on the chandelier.
Thank you so much for coming over and looking at the photos. I appreciate all of you so much!  If you interested in this house go to
big hugs,