Thursday, July 21, 2016

Miniature Dollhouse Wall Mounted Mailbox Tutorial

Here's another super easy project that will add so much charm to your dollhouse's front porch - a mailbox.
You can use thin wood such as 1/16" thick bass found here:  or you could use cardboard. You'll need paint and glue as well. I use Aleene's all purpose glue.
The front of the mailbox is a 1" square. The back of the mailbox is 1" wide x 1 3/5" tall.
The bottom of the mailbox is 5/8" x 1".
The top of the mailbox is 1/2" x 1"long.
The sides are 1 3/8" long x 3/8"wide.  (If you want a slimmer mailbox make the sides 2/8" wide.)
To cut an angle easily for the sides I put the side between the front and back of the mailbox. Draw a line and you've got your perfect angle.
I also have a little strip of wood to add to the front of the mailbox purely for esthetics. This is just a 1/16" x 1".
Glue the sides to the back of the mailbox. Notice the side is glued on top of the back panel.
Glue the front of the mailbox on top of the side edges.
Glue the bottom of the mailbox . Notice the bottom sticks out a little with a lip on the front of the mailbox. Just to make a little more detail.
The top will be next. It will be glued on in an open position so you can have mail showing inside.
And finally, glue the little strip of wood near the top of the front.
Sand the mailbox edges with a fine grit sand paper.  Paint the entire mailbox. I chose white latex paint.
I used a brown  ink pad to age the mailbox.
You can add decorative touches. I put 4 petal shapes with a grey marker and outlined part of them with a black marker to look like a cutout. I also added a little sign which I printed out.
The last step is to put mail in your box.  I made my mailbox a little larger so I could fit a little package in there. You can put mail, magazines, rolled up newspapers, old photos, recipes.
That's all there is to it! Give it a try. It's very easy to do and it adds so much cuteness to your dollhouse. 

Thursday, July 7, 2016

La Couturiere - a Custom Dollhouse

I called my new custom dollhouse La Couturiere. This house is a fresh mint color with a lilac door.
The house measures 20 1/2" high x 14 1/2" deep x 13 1/2" across.
 The colors of this house were very hard to photograph. The colors are very soft and feminine. The door is not so purple but more of a sophisticated lilac. And the mint is also subtle. It's really very shabby chic.

 I made the little wreath and tiny white and pink roses using a hole punch in the shape of a flower. I think I used 6 flower shapes for each rose. The door knob is also a rose. It's a bead on a small box fastener. Turned out magical!

 I put a little bicucle in the front. Just back from the market!

I was able to get these tiny stains on the back of the curtain. I used hairspray and cardboard. I sprayed the cardboard down with a large amount of hairspray and put the fabric on top. Let dry. When you lift the fabric up it picks up some of the cardboard fibers. Just a little to look like very old stains.

Downstairs is my sewing scene. I had the sewing machine and dress form left over from another project. I decided it would look great in this house. 
The ironing board was not complicated to do but it was hard to get those legs even.

 The interior doorknob is another rose.
The legs of the table are stair spindles.
I love making baskets.  I poke wires into foam board and start weaving cotton twine. Then I use Modge Podge to stiffen the whole thing. The base of the basket is wood that I add then paint and done!

This is a hall tree I made after seeing Miniatyrmama's potting bench. It just inspired me!

I've made tons of mushrooms before. But the orchid is my first.  I took the instructions for them on a gum paste tutorial for cakes. Worked!
 The bed is a very soft green. It's aged with brown and gold.

 I saw the design for this cage on Pinterest. The original birdcage is by Veronique Lux. I just had to try to make one. There was just photos of it for sale on Ebay. So I guessed the materials and size. I made the little bird with yarn fibers. The swing really swings.

Well, that's another house done! I'll get to work on that mailbox tutorial for you guys.  It's another simple project that adds so much charm to a dollhouse. See you then!

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Dollhouse Miniature Primitive Bench Tutorial

At the end of my dollhouse beds, I like to add a little bench. It's such a fast project with lots of character. Here's a tutorial to show you how I make a dollhouse miniature primitive style bench.
I use  1/16 thick bass wood.  I get mine at Hobby Lobby:
The top of the bench is 1" x 2 1/2". The legs are 3/4" x 1 3/8". There are also 2 trim pieces that are 1/4" x 2 1/2".
 For the legs, cut out a triangle at the bottom of each leg. My triangle is 1/2" tall with a 5/16" base. This leaves 1/4" on each side of the triangle.  I use a small box cutter/craft knife.
We'll need to cut off a triangle at the end of the trims. I measured 1/4" from the edge and marked a line from this point to the corner. Cut off. Do this for all 4 ends of the two trims.
Sand all the edges of all your pieces. We want rounded edges so the piece can look like some old bench from a hundred years ago.
Glue the 2 legs to the top of the bench about 1/8" from the edge. I used Aleene's Tacky Glue(a white all purpose glue).
Glue the trims onto the top and edge of the legs.  Let dry completely.
I love to use a aged wash so the wood still shows through the color. You need brown and black paint and water for this. I use one drop of black, 2 drops of brown and about 12 drops of water. 
Easy right? You can adjust the height and size and use it as a bench for the kitchen table. It can be a small table. It's very versatile and quick to make. Thanks so much for joining me!