Thursday, October 20, 2016

The Fairy Godmother's Cottage Custom Dollhouse

The Fairy Godmother's Cottage is my newly completed custom dollhouse.  This house is a 1/12 scale. It's 18 1/4" tall x 16 1/2" deep x 16 3/4" across.
The pumpkin is ready out front! I made the little toadstool mushrooms from air dry clay. 
 The house is covered with concrete and plaster for the walls. The roof is coconut mat(from the hardware store in the indoor plant section) and bark.

 All the vines are from Hobby Lobby. Click on the Resources tab above to get the links.

 There's a simple little light above the door.

 The switch and battery for all the lights are in the chimney.

 The interior had to look super old.
 I put the pantry with the screen door in the entryway.
 I found a whole bunch of tiny sand dollars on my trip to Florida a couple weeks ago.  I framed this one in a very simple frame I made. The grey background really makes it stand out.

 Stove tutorial:

 Mara's super spiral stairs tutorial was such a blessing!

 Want to make your own boiling over pot?  Here's the tutorial:
This is the collection of dress paintings I made. They look perfect behind the spiral stairs.
 The bedroom is upstairs.  I put the daybed here with a little bench.  Bench tutorial :

I hope you had fun looking at the photos. And maybe it gave you some great ideas for your own project.
Of course I'm already onto the next projects. I'm working on two trailers. One small and one regular size.  I've already cut them out of wood.  And I will do that daybed tutorial for you!  Stay tuned! Wishing you a magical day!!!
big hugs♥,

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The Fairy Godmother's Cottage Dollhouse

My new dollhouse is The Fairy Godmother's Cottage. Despite the name, this house is not an over the top magic theme. Rather it's a cozy, old world look. You know the usual! I've made all my furniture already.
The vintage stove tutorial is here:
 Most of the furniture is made with 1/16" x 4" x 24" bass wood.
The little chair is from Hobby Lobby.  I just painted it and added a cushion. I don't know where that pumpkin came from. But I made the table, stool, crates, books(see that big book with the wand on it?), basket, mushrooms and all the little plants.
I made paintings, mirror, and a wreath.  I had to make a collection of dress paintings for a Fairy Godmother!  I think these will go in the stairs area.
I made an upholstered chair, a mantel and a pantry with a screen door.
This is the furnishing for the bedroom upstairs.
 These daybeds are my new obsession. I'll have to do a tutorial on them for you.
 The legs are stair spindles.
 The curtains are ready. They are sprayed with hairspray so they hang correctly. A tip from LibertyBiberty.
I made spiral stairs for this dollhouse. The tutorial is here:
Mara did a fantastic job explaining this. It just took me a couple of hours. You spend most of the time waiting for stuff to dry. I made a couple of changes. Like Mara's instructions called for 2 hand fans so you could double up the steps to make them stronger. I didn't see that and only ordered one fan from China(which took over a month to get here!). So I just did sing ply steps and it worked anyways. Also my pole is 1/8" wide by however tall you need it. 
It looks intimidating but it is very easy to do. Give it a try. It's great because it doesn't take up much room and has so much charm. Thanks for sharing your wisdom Mara!
The house is almost done and I can't wait to show you!
Have a fantastic week!

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Orchard House Custom Dollhouse

Orchard House is my latest dollhouse. This one is unfurnished.
It's an L shape design. 17 1/2" tall x 15 3/4" wide x 15 3/4"long.

All the windows are custom. They have dividers that are Popsicle sticks cut lengthwise.
The vines are all from Hobby Lobby. I have all the links in the Resources page(tab is at the top of this page). The path is sand from the candle filler section. It was white and I didn't like the stark look so I paint it with multiple colors until it was right. I laid down the sand on top of white glue.
The moss grass is a sticky mat. You just cut out the shape you want and done!
All the windows give this house a super retro look and add so much cozy charm.

The lights are battery operated. The switch and battery are in the chimney. The link for these are in "Resources".
The interior is loaded with vintage charm. I kept the colors neutral so that someone could easily furnish the spaces.
The downstairs wood floors are driftwood color. There's a linen wall on the right. And the opposite wall is a cream and blue worn wallpaper pattern. The other walls are all plaster. The ceiling has a textured pattern paper and wood beams.
The front bump out room has a slat ceiling and a nice large crystal chandelier.
 The old stairs!
 Upstairs one wall has wallpaper. It's a taupe color with cream dots that has been aged. The rest of the walls are white plaster.
The chandelier is white and 3 shades of lavender beads.
My next house is a furnished cottage. Maybe a little more English cottage style.  Thanks for coming over!