Monday, April 7, 2014

Vintage Style Dollhouse Miniature Stove Oven Cooking Range Tutorial

I needed a vintage style miniature stove & oven for the Wiltshire Cottage dollhouse. I saw an old ad for a GE stove.
To make a miniature 1/12 scale dollhouse cooking range I worked with 3/32" thick veneer wood. I buy mine from Hobby Lobby.   

I cut out the back of the stove 4" x 4". The two sides are 2 7/8" tall x 2" wide.  And a bottom 1 15/16" x 4" which I kept 3/8"off the ground.
For the front I cut out a 2 3/8" x 4" rectangle. I cut out 2 holes for the doors.  The little door is 1 1/8" wide x 1 3/8". The big door is 2" x 1 3/8". I left a 5/8" space at the bottom to put some fake drawers.
 The little door does not have a window. But the larger one does. So cut out a rectangle where plastic will go later. My window is about 1 3/8" x 5/8".
To have working doors I am using 26 gauge wire. This is where I encountered my first problem. To get the doors on I had to remove the 2 sides so I could get that wire piece in place. Then I glued the 2 pieces back on. I use Aileen's white glue.
Now my front is back together with working doors.
I glued another piece of wood just 1/8" under the doors. You can put it just under the doors. I wasn't sure the doors would swing open if I did. This "shelf" is almost 1 7/8" x 4".
Now glue the front and "shelf  to the rest of the stove.  Painting the interior now black or whatever color you prefer would be a good idea! I didn't and it was a bit more work later.
The top of the stove is 4 2/8" x 1 15/16". Glue it on.
I added a piece at the bottom for a toe kick. It's 1/4"  x 4". And I added a thin piece to separate the 2 ovens. 
Now the trick will be to see if we can get this to look like a real stove! Sand everything smooth and round all your corners and edges.
I am making mine pink. So first I am doing a coat of pink acrylic.  This is Anita's Craft Paint- Princess Pink.
The interior is black acrylic paint.
Then I tried some nail polish. I have Essie's "Fiji" that is a bit too old for my nails. So I am using it on the range. I think if you just did 4 or 5 coats of water based gloss it would do the same trick. Or you can just use enamel paint.  For the first coat I just did a regular coating. The wood did drink it.
Second coat, I put on the nail polish a little thicker. It's a bit better looking, but it would need another coat. And I'm out of Fiji! So I'm going to try to gloss the rest of the way.  Keeping my fingers crossed!
Okay I put on 2 more coats of the water based gloss and it did fine.  Except the oven doors grew a bit and won't close now.
I'll add the details now.  First, the burners.  I used 4 metal washers.  2 small that are 5/8"  & 2 big that are 3/4".  I painted them silver.  I have a snowflake hole punch and I used it to punch out the black centers of my burners.
I glued the burners onto the range with Aileen's Tacky Glue. Time to add some cute!!
First, I used this heart embellishment by Melissa Frances. It's a scrapbook piece made out of resin.
I decided to have a griddle. I cut a little piece of wood 1 1/2" x 1".  I sanded all the corners and the top edges round.  Then I cut a perimeter groove and grooves in the center.
I also made a clock. It's a piece of wood 3/4" x 1/2".  I cut out a clock face(just type clock face in Google image search and you'll find a whole bunch).  Paint the wood silver. The dots are the nail polish. 
I painted the griddle black. Then I used Folk Art paint "teddy bear" and Apple Barrel's "antique gold" to make rust.  The pink dots on the clock part got a dot of Aileen's glue in the middle.
I glued the griddle and clock in place.  I also added some silver trims. I cut slivers of wood about 1/8" at different lengths to put at the top of the range and the stove.  The top ones are 1 1/4" long.  The big oven handle is 1 5/8" long. The large drawer under it is 2". The little oven door handle is 7/8". The little drawer under it is 1 1/4".
On the griddle, I applied some gloss in some spots. Not all over.
Don't forget to glue in your oven window.

And for the oven knobs I used some metal pieces that held a rhinestone. Remove the rhinestone and you have this 4 prong little domed circle.

Now all there's left to do is accessorizing your stove!
I made most of the items myself.  The little spatula is wire, cardboard and glue. The pancakes, strawberries and bread are air dry clay. The eggs are glue and a dot of paint. The pot is a bought item I painted and sealed with gloss.  The toaster was a gift from Tracie Dean of Dean Designs  that I painted with little roses.
The pink polka dot plate is a plate I bought and re painted. And the towel is a piece of fabric I painted with regular paint for the dots. I then put the fabric on a piece of cardboard and pinned in place. Next, I sprayed it with hairspray ( a trick I learned from Liberty Biberty) and dried it with my hairdryer. The baking pan the bread rolls are on is a rectangle bezel pendant from the jewelry department.
The vintage stove inside Wiltshire Cottage where it will be residing.  I already put up my polka dot wallpaper.  I painted the Religieuse/cream puff from a painting I saw on Pinterest by artist Pascal Cessou. I loved it so much I tried to paint my own.
That's my vintage dollhouse miniature stove tutorial! Now it's your turn to make this oven even better than mine. Have fun!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Remember Wiltshire Cottage?

Months ago I bought the Westville Dollhouse Kit by Greenleaf.
  I put the main parts together and then had no more time for it. That was back in November!  After visiting many blogs out there, it dawned on me that I could work on it one room at a time while I work on all my commissions.  I decided to start with the kitchen. Although, I've already cheated by working on some garden items. My plan is already falling apart.  : D
 I start all my project with some sort of inspiration.  It came from Pinterest. I saw someone's board filled with happy, whimsical pastel colors. The first thing I made was this upper cabinet.  It started it's life as a kitchen hutch with the top and bottom attached together. It was a bit too short for me. So I separated them with my box cutter.  I painted it off white with acrylic paint. Then I used paper to line the interior.  I made the bunting with scraps of fabrics. And I glued clear plastic for the doors.
Next, I found some more inspiration around my workroom for what this kitchen would look like.  I had this cardboard backing for stickers with polka dots, the ridged cardboard from Hobby Lobby's scrapbook isle, a curtain from another project, and a sign I painted a while back. This is what I want my kitchen to feel like- happy, light, airy. ♥
  I applied big craft sticks for my wide plank wood floor and painted it white.  I saw Kim Saulter's (of Kimsminiatures/It's a Miniature Life) kitchen and fell in love with the idea of a pantry closet.
I made a very simple casing from wood veneer. This is a view from the back. Just 2 sides, a shelf on the bottom and a shelf on the top with a front cover to make the cabinet shorter. I didn't want to stack food all the way to the ceiling.
This is the bottom back.  That bottom shelf will be about 1/4" off the floor.
And the front. The top part is a little over an inch wide. 
I added some framing pieces 1/4" wide around the door opening, a little molding on the bottom(just a thin piece of veneer over another), put in shelves.  I made a door with screen material(I got a roll at the hardware store. It's to fix your real screens on your real house.)  Made the frame of the door that faces out with veneer wood and the inside frame to hide the glued down screen with cardboard.  I also added a little light from Evan Designs:
 And of course, WAIT FOR IT!.... I made a couple of mistakes! First, I  should have left space in front of the 3 bottom shelves so the light could reach all the way to the bottom of the pantry. Oops! And-
The door opens on the wrong side. Double oops.  The thing is that I thought about it while I was making the cabinet. Then I go and put it on the wrong side anyways. : / Really???? Oh well! Either I will ignore this wee little problem or I will move the pantry to another wall. Will decide later.
And finally, I made a miniature paper towel wall holder. It was suppose to go on the side of the pantry next to a sink. But of course, now I'm not sure! :/
It was so simple to make. I took a little piece of left over veneer 1" long x 3/8" wide and a little dowel that I cut to a 7/8" length. The ends have a little round bead glued on. Then I used a piece of real paper towel cut to a 7/8" width x 1/2".  I got the paper towel to stay in a little rippled position by wetting my finger and positioning the paper the way I wanted it to stay. Got that trick from Elizabeth at StudioEMiniatures.
Now I need a stove and a sink. I'll try to make a stove. If that works out I'll share it with ll of you.
Till next time hugs♥,

Friday, March 28, 2014

Hunnibabies' Cottage is Ready

My custom dollhouse Hunnibabies' Cottage is all done. 
This dollhouse is another white cottage- very romantic, very sweet. 
There's a porch swing and a chandelier. 

Plenty of vines on this one too!
Stones carved out of premixed concrete and painted with acrylics.
The switches and batteries are in the chimney.

The underside of the porch is blue just like the traditional old Victorians'.

 The crates are leftover pieces of veneer. I paint them with watered down black paint. It's instant weathered wood!

I am making more furniture with each project. This time I made this shelf and I made a drawer. It's actually not hard to do.Someday I hope to make a complete kitchen. I made the houses from clay.
The owl painting is behind the front door.

 The mantel has a brick interior I made with concrete. Above that is the owners' three dogs I painted(I tried!).
I made the chair. And the curtains in the back are sprayed with hairspray to make them stiff. It's a tip I got from Liberty Biberty that I have used over and over. The rug is thick canvas called book binding. I painted it with acrylics.
That's a cup and saucer I painted. And the little silver object is a whistle. Why a whistle?
Because this house is for a sheriff deputy and a police officer.  This is my first time including a gun.  And of course it had to be super girlie for the new owner. So I painted the handgun pink and put some roses on there too. 
I also painted a police baton.  It has a pink handle with white polka dots and the rest is blue with roses with gold trim. It turned out so cute!  And what's behind there?
It's a rifle!  I also painted it pink with roses. 
The bedroom is upstairs.  It's my little handmade bed.  I also made the little stool in front. And I'm trying to make my own little terracotta pots.  That's on the floor with a bit of moss. I used air dry clay to make them. I just shaped them with the end of  a paint brush.  I also have some on the porch and downstairs.
Here's the bed when I finished it.  I took the photo when the house was still under construction.
Another dollhouse done and ready to go home to its' new owner.  I have plenty more waiting in line though!