Monday, March 11, 2019

Swan Ridge - Furnished Custom Dollhouse

I've finished furnishing Swan Ridge for Barbara.
This house is covered in dried flowers and real greenery. No plastic.
I found the chairs and tables at Hobby Lobby.They are part of a set with a bench. So I bought 2 sets to have 2 chairs.
 I love bunting. I think it makes any house look so festive and romantic.  The 2 windows are the type that slide open.
 This little mailbox was the last piece I made for the house. The porch was just missing something. You can see a tutorial for the mailbox here: mailbox
 I use a thick canvas material used to make drop-clothes to make all the rugs.
The house is 18” across x 18 1/2 tall without the chimney. It’s 12 1/4” deep plus a  4” porch.

 I made the chairs, table, mantel, pillows, rug, flowers and chandelier.
 The table was a buffet that came with a broken leg. So I transformed it into a halltree with a real chalkboard.

 The kitchen has a very vintage vibe.
 I made the sink from scratch as well as the stove and hood,  and the table.

This fridge was actually part of a basic kitchen set from Hobby Lobby. I had not used the fridge because it looked hideous. It was a rectangle box.  All it took was rounding off all the corners and edges.  I added a couple of trim pieces and the word love(jewelry finding). I painted it a soft robin egg blue and glossed it heavily.
Upstairs is the bedroom and bath.
 I painted the tub bottom half in a mat cream color.

 Made a bed all messy and cozy. There is also a bench and nightstand.

I hoped you enjoyed your tour of this little cottage!

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Swan Ridge Custom Dollhouse Continues

The construction of Swan Ridge dollhouse is coming near an end.  I'm loving the very clean lines of the front.
There are now bricks as the foundation for the porch.  The exterior is all birch siding. 
I did have an issue with an interior wall of this house. I wanted a nice big wall surface. I looked online for ideas and I saw a house with the wall like I have it below.  Having finished it I didn't like it! So took my new and sharp box cutter knife and...

AHHH!  Much better!  Sometimes things look fine on paper but once you try it out in real life it just looks a bit odd.  The wall still has plenty of surface so I'm quite happy with the result.

Until next time!

Friday, February 22, 2019

Swan Ridge Dollhouse

For my next project, I designed a brand new custom dollhouse for Barbara. This is Swan Ridge.
First thing the woodfloors are glued in place. The stairs are not in place yet. I just put them there to look at the design of the floorplan. These are the larger Popsicle sticks for a more country cottage look.
This house has a double door/French door as the entry.  I got them from I wanted to center the stairs on the entry. 
Now all the plaster has been done, the floor painted. The front wall and fireplace wall has large board panel siding.  The mantel is not glued in yet.  I still need to put the fire element in and age it.
This is the kitchen above. The beams are in pl;ace on the ceiling. They are made with regular size Popsicle sticks.  One window has trim.  I will put a sink under it.
The wall behind the steps is lavender. The kitchen wallpaper has lavender and pink in it. The upstairs bedroom paper has pink. This way the whole house relates in colors.

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Santa FeStyle Adobe 1/6Scale Custom Blythe Dollhouse Finished

It was a first, an adobe style dollhouse.  It's all finished and ready for Christine's little friend to move in!
 This scale is Barbie like scale for a doll 10"-12".
 It measures 25" across x 20 1/2" deep x 23 1/4" tall.  The interior is 15 1/2" deep x 24" wide.
 Everything is a mix of plaster and concrete layers. 

 I bought all the greenery at Hobby Lobby. It's just 1:1 size. It happens to work perfectly for this house.
 The peppers too are from Hobby Lobby. We just aged them a little because they were way too bright.
 I made the lantern because I couldn't' find any out there.  But it turned out to be very easy. 

 Inside is very traditional.  The floor is wood pieces painted and glossed to look like tile.
 I found this little ball of twine at Hobby Lobby near the grapevine wreaths.  Stuck a light inside and it's a perfectly rustic light fixture.

 I had bought this door online. I think from It has been waiting for the perfect project.

In the chimney,  I put all my batteries and push switches for the lights and fire.
For the next commission it's back to 1/12 scale.
Thanks for coming over!