Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Customized Blythe Doll Abigail

This is Abigail my newest customized Blythe doll. She was commissioned by Marie. She stands 12" tall.
 Abigail started out life as  Blythe doll greatest circus performer Zinochika.

I kept her beautiful hair that she came with. I just gave her a little hair cut. 
Her eyelids were painted and she has new eyelashes. Her eyes were boggled/gaze corrected and she now has sleepy eyes. Sleepy eyes means her eyes stay closed. You have to pull the second string to open them again.

Abigail's nose, philtrum and lips were carved. Her face has new makeup and freckles.

I made her overalls, a t-shirt, new pull and boots. Her cardigan came from another Blythe that I made over. I also made her a scarf and hat.

Abigail has 4 different eye colors.
 blue with roses
and green
Thanks for coming over to meet Abigail!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

La Maison de Campagne Dollhouse

I have named the french mansard doll's house "La Maison de Campagne" (the country house). And it's really starting to look cozy!
First, I added beams downstairs. 
The ceiling is a cream plaster that's been aged with a yellowish/brown paint. I'm also getting my accessories together. I painted a rug and painted the chairs a grey color.
I made one of my stove ranges.  You can find the tutorial here: http://www.cinderellamoments.com/2014/04/vintage-style-dollhouse-miniature-stove.html
This one I made really old. I painted it a light teal/ robin egg blue. I sanded it. Then I used my brown ink pad to age it.
The  upstairs has wallpaper. These 2 rooms both have scrapbook paper. It comes already aged. How cool is that!!
The floor is darker than downstairs.
The room at the top of the stairs will have some sort of little desk.
And this will be the bedroom.  Till next time!

Saturday, November 8, 2014

A French Mansard Style Dollhouse

I'm working on a new 1/12 scale dollhouse. This one is a french mansard roof style.
So far the interior is getting done.  First, the wood floor went in. They are Popsicle sticks. They got a coat of a mix of brown and a tiny bit of black which was watered down so you can still see the wood grain.  Then the plaster and wallpaper were applied. Next, the wainscoting and trim were glued in place. The Wainscoting is a cardboard that's ridged. It can be found in the scrapbook section of your craft store.
The mantel is scraps of wood.  The windows are trimmed with Popsicle sticks. The window panes are also Popsicle sticks cut horizontally into thin strips.
I'm putting stairs in this one.  Under the stairs I'll put a stove/range.  There will be a table and some chairs too. 
The upstairs will have a bedroom and a studio I think. 
This is the front. I want to make sure I show you these houses in their beginnings sometimes. They do all start out looking like not much at all. So when you get to this stage don't get scared off. It will look great in the end.
This house is made of MDF. So it is pretty heavy. I cut out my doors and windows with my Dremel Trio saw.  It does the job. But I wish I could find a more precise saw.  Until next time!

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Wiltshire Cottage Dollhouse

Wiltshire Cottage is my newly completed dollhouse.  This one is totally English in style.
The front porch area is really typical of those stone cottages you see in Europe.  The house is battery operated. It has a front porch light, a living room chandelier and working fireplace, a kitchen chandelier and pantry light, a bedroom chandelier, a bathroom chandelier, a studio chandelier and 2 attic lights.
There's a mix of stones and bricks on the facade. All in very muted tones. All made with premix concrete.
This house is bigger then my usual little cottages. It's 25 3/4"(65.4cm)  across x 25 1/2"(64.7cm)  tall x 17 1/2"(44.5cm)  deep.
The left side is stucco and shingles.
And the right side has vertical siding.
Inside, I have not glued anything down. I used Simply Tacky to keep everything in place.
In the living room, I made 2 upholstered chairs, a sofa, 3 little tables, a chandelier, artwork, rug, glitter houses.
There's a roaring fire too. The curtains are stiffened with hairspray.
 The little closet under the stairs has a working door.

The kitchen is all decked out with cabinets, range, table, chair(the only piece purchased in this kitchen), shelves, food, utensils and a fully stocked pantry. Everything in the pantry is glued down. There's also a working light in the pantry so you can see the food.

Right up the stairs is the bedroom.  I painted a blue dress, made a white bench chair.
I made a double bed since the space was so big.  There's a primitive style bench made from scraps of wood, a hand painted rug and a little hat box.
On the other side, I built a little desk from a kit by The House of Miniatures.
Next to the bedroom is the bathroom.  I bought a tub, sink and toilet. I painted the toilet seat pink. I added a bathmat and sink rug.
No bathroom would be complete without toilet paper!
I squeezed in a little studio to get all those art projects done.

The attic has plenty of old junk like TV, Christmas decorations, toys...
There are 2 lights in the attic and ....
a little mouse. 
Thank you so much for coming over and visiting Wiltshire Cottage!  It's been a pleasure having you. Wiltshire Cottage is available for purchase in my Etsy shop.