Sunday, September 14, 2014

Quintessential Cottage Dollhouse Almost Done

I decided to make the Quintessential Cottage a Winter/Christmas dollhouse.
It's not quite done yet. There are some trims missing. Also some pieces of furniture that I need to make.  I had the green bottlebrush Christmas trees. I dipped them in bleach and they instantly changed to this wonderful cream color. Instant gratification!!
But I'm happy with the look I achieved. It's very rustic almost "primitive" style.
All the sides are different. This side is birch siding done vertically.
I kept everything in a tan/oatmeal/cream palette. That way it's very soothing and dreamy.
You can barely see the lights in the fireplace. I promise I'll capture them better in the final post for this house. I sprayed the "throw" with hairspray and then laid it on the chair. I pinned it in place until it was dry. Now it drapes over the cozy armchair.
Upstairs, I made a bed with 2 pieces of metal fence I had. I hot glued the bedding in place.
Next time, this house will be done!  I'm not sure if I should use snow or not. Hmmmm?
Thanks for the visit!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Customized Blythe Doll Melanie

This is my third Blythe customization.  Her name is Melanie.
Melanie got new lips carved, a philtrum carved, nose holes,  and new makeup. Her face is now matte.
 Her body is Licca which means that the legs are bendy and hold a pose. Her arms are very soft and bendy however they do not stay in a pose. But as you see here I was able to put her arms in her lap and they stayed. 
 This Blythe kept the hair she came with. It was so long, curly and beautiful and suited her so well that I decided to leave them.
 I painted her eyelids pink with roses and other tiny flowers.

 I made the pants with grey trim and a ruffle apron with oatmeal roses.
 She has 2 pulls - one for the eye color change and the other for "sleepy eyes" (keeping her lids closed).  She's sealed with MSC(Mr.Super Clear Matte). She's signed on the back of her head.
 Her blonde hair has soft curls at the end.
I made her freckles and stained her lips as opposed to applying "lipstick". Melanie is available in my Etsy shop

Quintessential Cottage Dollhouse

I'm making a new cottage dollhouse called Quintessential Cottage. 
On this house I did the porch a little different by keeping the floor longer than the porch roof.  I already wired all the lights with battery operated lights I bought at Evan designs:
The front and this side have premixed concrete used as stucco and also as carved out bricks.  The timber is wood pieces.
On the other side, I used birch siding that I glued on vertically.
Inside, I did the downstairs ceiling light and the upper ceiling dark. I'm thinking this will make a great cozy cottage look. Both ceilings are Popsicle sticks, even the beams.
The fireplace will get these flickering lights put in to look like a real fire. I just hide them in sticks I find outside. Add a little moss and you get a pretty little roaring fire.
You can find the mini fire led lights here:
Till next time!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Potting Shed Dollhouse

My newest dollhouse is actually a Potting Shed.  This shed is 1/12 scale and completely custom made.
This shed is 14 3/4"(37.4cm) tall x 15"(38cm) deep x 8 1/2"(21.5cm) across. And the porch/garden is 6 1/4" deep(15.8cm).
The dirt is ground coffee.
The path is sand. Nothing is glued down in this house.  The little red wagon can roll around. I dipped the wagon in paint stripper and then added som rust. The rust is just a couple of shades of yellow brown acrylic paint.

I made the flowers myself. I used colored tissue paper for the pink poppies. The other two have hole punch cut petals I glued on individually.   All of them have a clay core.
This side has the battery and switch hidden under the vines. I don't always have a chimney to hide the wiring. Another option is to put everything under the house.

For the roof, I used Crepe Myrtle bark and moss. The front roof has corrugated cardboard painted to look like old tin.

 I made everything in here except for the chandelier which I found in the Christmas ornament section at Hobby Lobby. It was a bright neon color. But so garden like! So I gave it a make-over and added a light.

This shed is available in my shop
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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Sweet Cottage, My New Custom Dollhouse

I finished one of three 1/12th dollhouse projects. This one is called Sweet Cottage. It has battery operated lights and a working fireplace.

This dollhouse is very much like one I did previously for Cami- The Tranquil Nordic Retreat.  It was so fun to do a moss roof, I had to do that one more time. 

This is a deep front porch at 5 1/2"(13.97cm).

The chimney is concrete carved into bricks.

The moss is sold as sheets.  The window here is one I bought. I just love the molding on it.

 A roaring fire!  These are LED lights that flicker. All the lights are battery operated and the switches and batteries are hidden in the chimney.
 I painted the ceiling on this one too. It's scrolls that are white, blue and grey.

 A little Louis bed dollhouse size made with window screen.

This house in in my Etsy shop.

Now my next project is a little potting shed 1/12 scale.  See you next time!