Thursday, July 11, 2019

Lost in a Fairytale Part 3

Now it's time to finish the exterior. Not all parts of your dollhouse have to be wood. 
 There are certain things like the dormer roofs,
 The cone shaped roofs and
the door surround where I use cardboard.  These are often odd angles or pieces that need to be cut precisely for a space.  Covered with concrete it will be a strong as every other part of the roof. also sent me a pair of acanthus brackets. You can purchase them here:
 I love the weight and size of them.  They don't feel cheap and all the details are clean. 
I glued them onto the front door surround and then applied the concrete all around them. Then painted everything dark brown.
 I used concrete to cover most of the house.
Here is the link for the concrete I use:
It's a pre-mixed product which means no mess and the correct consistency every time.
I use acrylics to paint.

 All the bricks, stones, beams are done using a thin edge (like a utility knife or X-acto knife) while the concrete is still wet.  If it's too wet and your lines are disappearing just give it 5 minutes to set a little. Then you'll be able to get a nice sharp line. 
All the shingles and coconut fiber roofing is glued on and the greenery also glued on. See the links for all different types of vines and flowers on my resources page. 
The coconut is used to line the bottom of outdoor pots.
I hot glued it onto the roofs.
 On this side of the house I wanted to put an extra fancy piece of trim behind the turret. 
I found the perfect piece at
This moulding is perfect because the top shelf sticks out from under the roof and it looks like a gutter. 

The door is from here:
Next post I will show you how I finish these chairs...
They will be part of a little eating area. 

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Lost in a Fairytale Custom Dollhouse Part 2

Next, I did the front door.   I was gifted this door by  It's a Dutch door. You can find it here:
It's the perfect design for an old fairytale style cottage.
I didn't have to do much to this door. It already had plenty of character. So I painted it brown. I used acrylics and I did an uneven paint job to look like old wood. I finished with a coat of gloss.
I made the doorknobs with beads painted with white nail polish. And glued the door in place.
The interior is all done. All the trims are in place. The handmade chandeliers are wired in and the mantel also.
I did the ceiling here as a tin ceiling using hot glue.  Then put the chandelier in place.
I did a darker mantel that matches the door.   Everything is aged with brown inks and even white paint.
Upstairs, also has a wired chandelier and the 2nd half of the roof is now glued on.
 There is a spiral staircase in this house.  I have it drying inside the turret in the photo above. Perfect place to keep it safe while the delicate stairs dry.  I got the tutorial for these stairs from
The turret is a paper macher wine box  I cut in half, plastered and painted.
After I let the stairs dry overnight, I painted them the same dark brown as the door and mantel.Glued them in the correct position inside the turret and glued the turret to the house.
Next, the exterior finishes.

Monday, July 8, 2019

Lost in a Fairytale Custom Dollhouse Part 1

New Project! This one is from my book Building a Fairytale Cottage.  I've made a couple changes to it.  You can get this book on Blurb or the PDF from Etsy.

I am working with on this one. They have gifted me a few things to use in this project.  This is a company I've been ordering from since I started miniatures.  They have always been listed on my resources page as one of my favorite mini providers.  I'll show you how and where I use everything.

First, I used hardboard from Home Depot to make the walls and floor of the house. I did make the house a couple of inches bigger and taller.
Inside I made the upstairs into a full floor instead of a loft. Here you see the first  couple of steps to build a house. The floor is in place downstairs. These are jumbo Popsicle sticks. And the walls are plastered where there will  not be wallpaper or wood.
I added a wall downstairs. This will separate the living and kitchen areas.  This wall gets plaster on one side and wallpaper on the other.  The wall which will be the kitchen has birch siding and the windows are trimmed with Popsicle sticks.
This is the kitchen side.
This is the livingroom. It will have a mantel where the ridged paper is(Hobby Lobby). I print my wallpaper off Pinterest.  I look for real life wallpapers that have enough of a repeat that I can cut and paste them together on my computer.

This house is suppose to look like something out of a Thomas Kinkade painting.  So the floors and some of the woodwork will be darker.  The style will be mixed with a little shabby chic flare too with the furniture.

This plank wall has green and white but the camera did not pick that up.
The upstairs has gray wallpaper with pink and deeper pink/burgundy roses.

Saturday, June 22, 2019

Founder's Lane Cottage - A Furnished Custom Dollhouse

Founder's Lane Cottage is done.  This one is available in my shop! I know hard to believe but I finally made a dollhouse that is not a commission.  When I designed this house a while back I was thinking of Scandinavian styles.  So I kept with the white and gray theme.
 This house is 19" deep x 16 1/2" across x 20" tall.
Downstairs is 8 7/8" tall x 15" across x 17" deep from the front door. The kitchen area is 5 1/2" x 6". The ding room bump out is 8 1/2" x 4".
Upstairs is 8 1/2" at tallest x 15" deep x 11 3/4" across.

 I made a little wreath.  It's moss on top of a plastic circle. Then I add my handmade roses. They are tissue paper.

 All vines came from Hobby Lobby.
 All the windows on this house are handmade with Popsicle stick trims. The "glass" is transparency paper for overhead projectors.

 The shingles are regular dollhouse shingles. To color them they go into a bath of paint that I diluted with water a bit.  And then out they come to dry on newspaper.  You can also brush on more colors once you glue the shingles down.

The siding is birch clapboard.
 I furnished this house with mostly my handmade pieces.

 I made the upholstered chair, table, mantel, rug, books, clay house and the painting. 

 I made the hall table, clay house, books, painting. The boots are from Michael's.

 I made the trumeau mirror.

 The little piece next to the door is made from leftover trim and a tiny nail.  Perfect to hang your keys as you come in.

 This little area has a sink and I made a large shelf for plates.

 The dining room is available at Hobby Lobby.  It's a great design. With a little paint and aging it looks incredible.
 The bench was actually a table from an outdoor set.

I made the book stack after seeing it on  Pinterest (real life size).
 Upstairs I made everything except the carafe and cup. 

 The little clay houses are air dry clay. So simple to make!
 I saw this bathtub on and decided to make it in mini.

 To get the rug to look very worn and faded I just used a white wash(white paint and water) .

I hope you enjoyed touring this open house! LOL! As always I appreciate you taking the time to  visit my website.  My next project starts July 8. It's a storybook type of cottage with furniture.