Saturday, April 28, 2012

A Gift From Ana

Today, I received a beautiful swap gift from Ana!
I love Ana's gorgeous blog Mi Mundo En Rosa. And she also has an Etsy shop filled with delightful minis called Mundo Rosa.
 She sent me a gorgeous pink table with light blue paper trimming it. It is such a soft beautiful palette. 
 She made yummies! A whole plate full of cookies, eclairs, chocolate chip cookies, heart cookies and macarons!! With 2 napkins to keep everyone clean!
 This little rose plaque all shabby chic!
 An adorable shelf with roses and gold hooks.
 A beautiful bolster pillow with pink bows to match everything.

Thank you Ana! I will cherish this truly stunning little masterpiece. I think you will see it with my dolls in upcoming pictures. It so precious!
Ana's Blog:  Mi Mundo En Rosa
Ana's shop: Mundo Rosa

Saturday, April 21, 2012

My First Book and The 4th of July Dollhouse!

I published a book!
I always wanted to write a children's book. Finally, I did it! I used my little clay dolls, the 4th of July Dollhouse and the " Doughnut Shop" Dollhouse. This is a story about 3 little girls who open a lemonade stand. It's a sweet story you'll love reading to your daughter or grand daughter. I kept it to 26 pages. Perfect bedtime reading size!!
I shot the pictures with my sister. We had a lot of fun playing with dolls. If you want to order a copy you can click  the link on the top right sidebar.

 It has really cute doll pictures and a good message. Very girly, very positive and simple enough for any little girl to understand.
And the 4th of July Dollhouse is all done! Here are the pictures:


This house is available at Cinderella Moments

Monday, April 16, 2012

This and That

I've been working on some little projects.  My next house will be shabby chic white and gray.
 I finally made a Trumeau mirror!  I saw Susi's of Mini Eden. She has a shop on Etsy MiniEdenTienda where I saw her mirrors and I finally saw how to do these! Thanks Susi!

 I made this little key holder. I think this was the side of a chair or some bit of dollhouse? I can't remember. But I loved the heart cut out and saved it. I twisted wires into hooks and done!
And I needed a slip covered chair. So I took a wood frame and glued batting on it.
I've reupholstered human sized stuff before. So I figured I'd do this mini the same easy way. I pinned the fabric on reverse side. Sewed it all and flipped it over to get a loose fitting slip cover.
I did it in one swift swoosh! I was afraid to get lost and confused if I stopped.
The little pillow has some burlap. This one is for the shabby chic house too. I also have the chandeliers ready to go.  Now I just need to build it!
I made this bed for the 4th of July house. It will go upstairs to make a cute little girl's room.
I glued the ruffles on. Sewing them was making them unravel.
This bed is made from more left over stuff. The headboard and footboard are pieces of railing for some house's front porch. I used shutters on the sides of the bed.
And finally, I made a mailbox. More scraps glued together.
Thanks for coming over!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

4th of July Dollhouse

The wiring for this dollhouse arrived a couple of days ago. I've also been playing around with making accessories.
I made the little island with left over bits of wood and the bead board on it is a tiny ridged cardboard. The towel bar and scroll that support the top are wire.
I made a few towels too.
Behind the island is a whole wall of shelves.
The chandelier is crystal seed beads and 2 rusty tin stars.
Upstairs I made a pink chandelier with pink roses.
The front also has an old rusty chandelier. I painted a rocking chair black and sculpted some rocks on the concrete foundation.
Here's all the wiring and switch. I think I'll hide in in a fake dormer or chimney.
Now I'll need to finish the wood floor upstairs and shingle the roof. Thanks for dropping in!