Saturday, March 14, 2020

The Feathered Nest Cottage Custom Dollhouse

A new house for Spring! Feathered Nest Cottage is custom, made from scratch. It is available in my shop
This is a sweet and cozy cottage with little nods to Victorian style.
 This house is 13 1/2" across x 21" tall x 17 1/2" deep.

 As always, I hid the push switches for the lights and fireplace inside the chimney.

 The downstairs measures 15 3/4" deep x 12" across x 8 3/4" tall.

 In the entry I wanted a unique feature. I decided to add a tiny window. A quirky little detail to give more character to the entry.

 My favourite feature to add to houses is a picture moulding wall.  It adds such charms and makes for great photos.
 I made 2 crystal chandeliers for downstairs.This makes the furniture placement possibilities more versatile.
This house has a nice size bay window. You could fit a big Christmas tree or an upholstered chair in here easily.
 Upstairs measures 7 1/2" tall x 13 1/4" deep x 12" across.
 Upstairs is also very neutral. Just the soft touch of pink in the roses of the wallpaper.

That's the full tour!  I hope you enjoyed your visit. I have a big commission next. But I will be back soon!  I am also trying to keep more stock in my Etsy store with furniture and accessories. I post new items on Instagram and Facebook. So make sure you follow me there to get the scoop first.
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Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Dripping Springs Cottage Custom Dollhouse

A new little cottage! Dripping Springs Cottage.
 This one is very fresh with it's Springy blue door and matching wallpaper inside.
It's got a fresh laundry look to it.

This house is 14 3/4" deep x 12 1/4" across x 16 3/4" tall.

This is a battery operated house. The battery and switch are inside the chimney. It's a push switch that you just click on. There are 2 lights: the porch light and the handmade crystal chandelier.
Inside is 14" tall x 10" across x 11" deep.

This dollhouse is currently in my Etsy shop:
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