Friday, October 24, 2014

New Blythes: Finlee and Waverlie

I made two more customized Blythe dolls. 
Waverlie has short hair and Finlee has long hair. They are both alpaca reroots. It takes me 2 to 3 weeks to do a reroot.
Finlee loves fishing.  She has a big straw hat.
Finlee has a fishing pole, net and fish. She wears overalls I made with a tank top underneath.
 I left her 3 original eye chips blue, pinkish orange and light blue.

I added a pink pixel set of eye chips that my sister, SugarMoon,  made for me.
And here is Waverlie:
I made her Pajamas.
I made her slippers and glass dome with little bottle brush trees and a wrapped up present. I thought of her waiting for Santa on Christmas morning when I was making her clothes.
The slippers are pink felt, yarn as the furry lining and a rose I made out of fabric.  I found this tutorial here:
*Just make sure you cut on the inside of the pattern's lines. Otherwise the slippers are just a bit too big.
She kinda reminds me of an elf!

These blue eyes have little roses in them. They are also made by my sister SugarMoon. 

I painted nests on her eyelids. I changed her eyelashes.
Thanks for coming over and meeting the girls! They are looking for new homes. You can adopt them in my Etsy shop. I'm working on the Wiltshire Cottage dollhouse. It's almost done with the exterior. Can't wait to show you.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Baking with Brinlie - My new Customized Blythe Doll

I finished my 4th Blythe Doll. Her name is Brinlie.  Blythe dolls were originally made in the 70s. These 12 inch dolls have a string in the back of the head to change their  eyes to 4 different colors.
I sanded her face and backplate. I carved her lips, nose, noseholes, phyltrum, chin and the area above her lips.  I did a faceup with new lip color, freckles, color around the eyes, blush. She got new eyelashes and I painted her eyelids blue with roses.  I added a pull cord and charm to make her sleepy eyes, corrected her gaze, and boggled the eyes.
She has a pink mixer with pink icing in the bowl.

 My Mom thinks all my Blythe dolls look like naughty, tantrum throwing, stubborn little girls. LOL!  :D

 I made the pants and apron. 
 I had these boots. They were hot pink to begin. I painted them to have a more shabby chic look. 
 Her body is a Licca body. The legs bend and are pose-able. And the arms are really flexible. 
 Her pink mixer has a bowl filled with pink icing.
 She has long blonde Alpaca hair. This hair comes from Princess, a Grand Champion Alpaca. I got it from ShangriLaRanch on Etsy.
Thanks for coming over and visiting with Brinlie!
♥ Brinlie is on her way home to meet her new Mom, Cindy! Thanks for adopting her Cindy!  ♥