Saturday, April 20, 2019

Paris Shop and Apartment Almost Done

Last update before the Paris Shop and Apartment is done!
 This is where the plaster exterior went onto the house. I use any patching  plaster from the hardware store.  Also put up all the trims. And the concrete floor on the porch.
 The elaborate trim is from Ebay. The other simpler trim is from Hobby Lobby.
 The window trims are Popsicle sticks cut lengthwise.
 Here we added columns. They are just regular large square dowels trimmed with Popsicle sticks at the top and bottom. You can get these types of dowels at craft or hardware stores.
 Also all the aging is done. Brown ink pads work wonders!
 The tops of the roofs are "metal" which is really strips of cardboard.

 All the wires are pulled together on top of the house. They control the lights and fireplace. We'll have a chimney to hide it all.
That's it for now. The next post will be Monday or Tuesday of the finished house with furniture too.
See  you then!

Monday, April 15, 2019

Paris Shop and Apartment Custom Dollhouse

The interior of the Paris upstairs apartment is done. 
 The first thing that was done was the Popsicle floor.  Just use hot glue or regular glue.  For my hot glue I use a professional hot glue gun.  It heats the glue to a very high temperature making the bond incredibly strong.
 Then the plaster was applied and sanded once it was dry.
 Next, the wallpaper. It's applied with white glue. 

 The floor got painted next. And trim wasputup on the wall tops and bottoms.
 The window opens in or out. It came with it's own trim.

 This will be the bathroom.

 Now the working mantel, and lots of aging.

I'm also making furniture for this one.  I'll show you that at the very end.  Next the exterior!

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Paris Shop and Apartment Dollhouse

My next commission is a Paris style shop with an apartment above. 
 As always, I want to show you how basic each structure starts. It looks like it will never turn into something beautiful. And this is where lots of people want to give up. This is your ugly duckling stage. Press on. You will succeed!
At this point the building is 18 5/8" across x 21 5/8" tall x 14 3/4" deep(no porch yet). The downstairs is 14 3/8" deep x 11 1/8" tall x 18 3/8" across. The upstairs is 8 7/8" tall.
 The first detail that goes into all my houses is the wood floor. These are Popsicle sticks with the round ends cut off with the EasyCutterUltimate.
 The bay windows are handmade.
 The downstairs gets plaster and wallpaper in that order. Trims are made from Popsicle sticks. Some cut lengthwise.
 The pink paper is toile and stripes.
 The stripes go onto the front wall. And eventually wrapped around to the last wall(not yet done in the picture above).
 More trim added.

 For the ceiling I made my "tin" (hot glue) tiles. They are painted white and aged with a brown ink pad.

Next, the upstairs. I will start with the floor there too.

Friday, March 29, 2019

Ma Jolie Maison CustomDollhouse

I've finished another house. Ma Jolie Maison will be going to Diane's. Thank you Diane! This house is 15 1/2" deep x 16 1/4" across x 21 3/4" tall.
 The exterior is an old weathered white color with silver roof.
 The front door has it's own porch light illuminating the 3 steps.
 This cozy little entry stoop would look marvelous with oodles of potted plants. The stones and bricks are all done with concrete.
 The little white fence will keep the little garden private. I used a moss mat as my grass.
 All the links to my vegetation and all materials are on my resources page above.

 The exterior is all plaster.It creates a wonderfully smooth texture.

 Downstairs is 8 1/2" tall x 15 1/4" across x 12"deep. Upstairs is 8 1/4" tall x 11 7/8" deep x 10 3/4" across.

 The lights and fire are controlled by 2 push switches in the chimney.The batteries are also hidden here.

Thank you for visiting today!