Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Shabby Shop - Another Make Over!

The Post Office went through some changes!  It's now a Shabby Shop custom dollhouse.
 I changed the sign and added a bike, Digitalis flowers, a mushroom crate, a planting crate and a pink sparkly pumpkin. 

 I love making mushrooms.  It's my new favorite thing. I use air dry clay to make them. The dirt on the bottom is coffee grounds.
 This shop gets a pink bike.
 Here's a little seedling sprouting in a pot.
 I aged the sign by simply sanding it down.
 The sides are the same as before.

 Inside is where I had some fun.
 I made most of the stuff in here. I didn't make the metal table near the chair or the metal chair near the bed.

 The fabric department.  I made 2 aprons hanging on the side.

This was an Altoid tin. I use it as a suitcase. I printed the little Blythe boxes off Pinterest. I knew I'd find a good place to put them.
When I closed the tin it scraped the paint. It looks just like a hole in the upholstery!  Love it!
 I use hair spray to make the curtains stiff.
Someone's working on a new little project for the shop here.
This dollhouse is in my Etsy shop. It measures: 15 1/2" tall x 14 1/2" deep x 11 1/2" across and the
interior is 11"across x  10 1/8" deep x 14 1/4" tall.
Thanks for coming in!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Cozy Cottage: Someone's Moved In!

Remember Cozy Cottage? It's a custom dollhouse I put up for sale in my Etsy shop months ago without any furnishings. I didn't have time to do it. So I decided to list it in case someone would like the chance to decorate their own house.  It didn't sell.... So I got to do the finishing touches!  It was so much fun!  It's now got a definite Pip Studio / Cath Kidston feel.

First, the exterior of the old witches cottage(I got my inspiration for the architecture from the Witches Cottage in Beverly Hills) got some sprucing up! Here's a link to the original Cozy Cottage:
The sides, however, stayed the same.

I added a lantern in the front. The cat, package and doormat are not glued down. But everything else is on the front porch.
The light it gives off right on the stoop is incredible. Like a spotlight!
I made pots, flowers, wreath, the door mat and mushrooms. The only things I did not make were the cat, rabbit and pumpkin.
 The mushrooms are air dry clay. The dirt is coffee grounds.

 I couldn't find a shovel in the stores around here. So I made one out of clay.
The cat is inspecting the package.
Come inside!

Inside, I did not glue things down. The only things that did get glued are the mantel and shelves. Everything else is tacked down with puddy.  So you can play with all of it.

 I wanted color in there. Bright, happy colors like Cath Kidston or Pip Studio.

 The raspberry red wallpaper is actually a Pip Studio design.
 I painted a cake on a black background so it would pop in front of the busy wallpaper.


 These are printed images I put in Melissa Frances frames.
 My first little apron. I've been wanting to try one of these for a while.
 The bed is a Pip Studio design I saw on a ceramic jar. I hand painted it on the footboard and headboard.
 Another cozy bed ready to be jumped in!

The bedding is glued in place.

 I made this vintage stove like my tutorial : 
Except this one has just one oven.

The chandelier also changed. I painted it teal with enamel paint.

   measures: 17 1/4" tall x 15" across x 17" deep
   porch is 2 1/4" deep x 8 1/4" long
   interior 10" across x 12 deep x  14" at tallest part

I hope you enjoyed your visit!