Friday, July 30, 2010

Marie Antoinette Secret Folie Barn Dollhouse: Finished

Marie Antoinette's little hideaway is done!

I put on all those little paper roses I had made on top of different mosses. This houses smells just like the forest!

The rug and macaroons are in.

Here is the chimney side of the barn.

The long window side.

View from above. The light switch is hidden in the shingles. And so is the battery. I decided to go with LED lights that are battery operated. Who wants to have an electric cord. I never have plugs where I need them!

up close shot of the roses on the roof


more roses!

door open

silk taffeta curtains

The macaroons

night shots of a cozy interior!

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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Marie Antoinette Secret Folie Barn Dollhouse: The End is Near!

I've been working on the outside. I've started putting on the roof shingles. What is that stuff? It's some sort of packing material. I think it came with the tv wall mount. It's a little like egg carton, except thicker and less compacted. It's awesome! The second I saw it I knew it would become shingles!  I also did the dormer.

I also colored some of the stones and aged the siding some more.

Inside it's drape time. Silk taffeta of course with gold trim!

I decided to paint the bulb again. This time with a golden brown. The intensity is exactly like candle light. Very warm and dim.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Marie Antoinette Secret Folie Barn Dollhouse: Update

I've been very busy lately! And my blog background vanished! I love this new one but it took me forever to take off the weird stuff that was going on! Marie's barn is moving along!

I did the ceiling like the sky with clouds. And I added a light in the chandelier. The chandelier is pretty big. So I started a smaller one. Then I tried out both and guess what... I like the big one! It looks more opulent. I did the door trim and painted it gold.

I also started on the outside. First, I painted the barn black so that when I put the boards, I could leave gaps. I carved on some stones.

Here's the other side. I'll have to wait till the roof is on to complete the chimney. It's such a puzzle figuring out what should be done first! I'm always afraid of that " oops! I forgot..." moment.
In case you think you recognize this little structure- it's Greenleaf's Annie's Lobster Shack. I just cut out a window in the roof to make a dormer and covered up the side window. I also made the other window bigger and didn't put windows in the door.

I painted a carved out design in gold for the door.
 It's just resting against the wall right now.

I think I like this color! That's my camera setting. I'll might try painting the bulb again. This time in yellow. I'll give this some thought!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

What an Honor! A Feature on Sandy Foster's Blog

A couple weeks ago, I made Sandy Foster's studio as a doll house. My Facebook friend, Heather Perttula, sent me a link of Sandy's little house because she thought it would be the perfect project. It was love at first sight! That little cottage is charmingly perfect!

The front porch is so cozy!

Here's my version.

The flower boxes are different, but in the same romantic style.

The inside was just too much fun! I could barely contain my excitement every morning. I would jump out of bed and contemplate my next move.

The tin tiles is where I had to get creative! But I loved the elegance of Sandy's mantle. So in came my trusty hot glue gun!

I know you want to see more of Sandy's studio. Her blog is called My Shabby Streamside Studio

Thank you so much Sandy for being such a kind and delightful soul! And thank you Heather for sending her my way!

To all the sweet people leaving lovely comments- you're words are so encouraging! Thank you for taking the time to read these posts and share your thoughts!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Macaroon Tutorial

I decided Marie Antoinette's barn needed a box of macaroons. As usual I looked for some online. Then I thought "that's not Cinderella Moments like!" I'm 100% handmade and I'm sticking to it!  So I had to make them myself. I looked at tutorials online and they all use molds. I only needed 3 macaroons. So I figured out my own way. It's easy!

I used paper clay. Use whatever you're comfortable with. And make whatever size you need.
First I made the box(that's one little macaroon next to it). There are many templates for boxes on the internet. I just winged mine. I just wanted it to fit on Marie Antoinette's mantle!  I did the sides 1/4" and the top and bottom 3/8". The little lip is1/8".
It came out to measure 3/8" wide  x
 1 1/8" long x 3/8" tall.

I took a little ball of paper clay(first ball here) and smooched it down flatter(second ball) like a patty. I took my toothpaste lid(you can use anything, even a knife) and pressed it along the bottom edge. Kind of like a  crust top for a pie.

See the little pressing along the edge?

The inside cream is another patty, but this one is thinner.

I painted the box like a Laduree box. Cream and gold

Paint the macaroons. I decided to have lighter cream. There are so many colors that you could match any decor. I chose pink, yellow and chocolate. I put a purple piece of tissue paper and put the macaroons in.

I love them!

Marie Antoinette Secret Folie Barn Dollhouse: Interior Walls

This is my panel wall for Marie Antoinette's barn. I made it the same way I did the "tin" tiles for the shabby chic house.  First, I measured and drew on the pattern. Real simple stuff... just leaves and dots. I used my tiny glue gun from Walmart(you know those small ones that cost a couple of dollars). I sometimes use my professional glue gun, but they both work the same! Follow your patterns with the gun and do lots of twirling to get those glue strings cut. I like to keep it neat. Then I painted with my cream and highlighted the  design with color.

I was going to print out a cake picture. But after wasting too much time looking for the perfect image, I painted my own. The gold frame is metal. I picked it up at a miniature store for $1. I should have taken more!

I decided to put up a mural. This is that famous Fragonard painting. I just love the colors and shading. I printed the image several times, including flipped images so I could match the colors.

I also put the wood floor in. Just little craft sticks cut up at different lengths.