Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Here's my latest Halloween decoration available at my Etsy store! It's a little mouse dressed up like a vampire. Every inch is hand sewn and the fabric is hand dyed.

This is just a simple paper sign I made by ripping pieces and gluing them back together then antiquing it.
I made the trick or treat bag by cutting a simple cross pattern then gluing up the sides and added handles. The candy corn is actually paper pulp I shaped in the pyramid shape, then covered with a concrete mix I had left from another project.

I put netting material under his tattered cape so he looks like he's flying trough the midnight air! I didn't make the pumpkin, though. I had to use a store bought one because I didn't like the way mine turned out.

To make the base, I used a ribbon spool that I covered with a coordinating upholstery trim. It made the whole piece super steady!