Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Miniature Graceland House

available at: Cinderella Moments

I've finished Graceland! Think Elvis would have liked his house as a miniature?   This mini Graceland is made of a cardboard base and finished with concrete carved into stones.
The columns are also concrete. I made them by first rolling cardboard into shape. adding little pieces at the top to make the acanthus leaf detail. Then covered all of them with my concrete mix.

The back is white just like the real house.

The little globe light was a challenge! I had to make it with papier machee that I covered with plaster and painted. 
I added the little green security door, but I left out all the other security screens. It would have looked much too distracting.

Here's a look at how I make my windows... careful the glue is still wet!

Available at Cinderella Moments

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  1. I like your Graceland House. I have taken a tour of the real thing. It is something to see plus his plane and all. We were at am Ice Skating competition with our daughter and they planned enough time that you could actually do some sight seeing. That was where we had the elevator that went up the side of the hotel where we stayed. That was one thing that I would not ride. I would wait for the inside elevator. Thank you for sharing and make me think of Elvis again.