Friday, February 12, 2010

Sweetheart Cottage Pink Queen Anne

               Happy Valentine's Day!

Here's my contribution to this sweet holiday. This little cottage is small at 6 7/8" tall, but it has all the details!

Here's the front porch with the essential Victorian potted palm(handmade) and the "crystal" door knob.

I painted the underside of the porch blue.
The concrete chimney I carved.

OOPS! I'm sold! Check out other cottages available at Cinderella Moments


  1. Congradulations on your sale. I think your little houses are amazing with all of the detail. I can never decide which one I like best. I just like them all. That is still the child in me. Take care.

  2. Queen Anne's with lots of gingerbread is my fav. in architecture. Your houses are so detailed!!