Monday, May 24, 2010

Summer Fantasy Cottage Paper House Putz Style

I had a craving for a little house on a cake stand. I went everywhere looking for one of those cute cake stands. I didn't find any. You know I'll be finding dozens next week! But for this one I went to the craft store and bought an unfinished candlestick holder and a wood circle. And I painted the candlestick with my favorite patterns. This is how it turned out:
It's a handmade cardboard house covered with plaster and painted. All original of course!
I saw a pink pumpkin on someone's blog and I couldn't resist! I made it from paper clay. I put moss and little mushrooms by serenitymosaics.

This is all hand painted with my favorites.
That's a little pink glittery heart on the back.
It's a house a fairy would be happy to call home!

Available at:  CinderellaMoments

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  1. i love this lovely house! i would love to make it for myself. it is probably beyond my capabilities. it is not available anywhere!