Saturday, May 1, 2010

Thatched Roof For the Dollhouse

I put the thatched roof on the cottage dollhouse. It's really looking like a fairytale house now.
 The little side bay has bricks that are all crooked. I saw this in one of my French magazines. I thought it was too cute!
 All the roof whimsical curves are reinforced with concrete. This house is as sturdy as a real one!
Thatching a roof is hard, I have to admit. It's very dirty and sticky! And for a girl who like to have clean hands, it was a challenge!  Thi roof still needs to be trimmed and detailed.  It looks a little wild right now! I did put one window in on the side. I'm glad I didn't decide to put all the windows in. It would have made things harder.


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