Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Romantic Dollhouse Gazebo: Roses, tulle and chandelier

Here's the gazebo so far. I started putting some roses on. It looks like I'll be making roses for a long long time!

This is all the fabric I dyed for roses and leaves.

Here are the colors I use for aging stones. 3 shades of green and to golden browns.

This paintbrush is perfect for doing the detailed rust and moss spots on the stones. It's a very used, old brush that makes perfect markings.

I also finished the chandelier. I added 7 more arms and the roses.
This picture makes the chandelier look crooked!

This is the gazebo with some of the tulle on.

I wanted to see just how many roses I would need so I started one vine.

I used pink tulle to drape the top roof  and sides.
This is a side shot.

I can't wait to get more roses on there. I'm also going to use real moss.


  1. It's a dream! There's nothing like tulle and roses to spell romance.

  2. So very fairy like and romantic! You have the magic touch!

  3. Your gazebo looks a dream! It can only look more wonderful once you have added more roses. I love the floor stones. In fact I love everything...Gazebo/vines/roses/tulle/chandelier...everything!

  4. it's is beautiful! Love the roses! And the chandelier is just wonderful.

  5. ...ooohhhhh!!!
    I am already planning a spring festival under this romantic gazabo!!

    LOVE IT!

    Happiest Holidays dear friend!

  6. So beautiful. Can't wait to see the finished product!

    (I think I have this same gazebo stashed away somewhere!)

  7. OH MY GOODNESS, THIS IS GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!! Oh, how I wish I had a granddaughter to be able to purchase this as a gift! Any little girl would go CRAZY over it. Great job, and the roses on the vine and under the chandelier, are just the most precious little things I have ever seen. Can't wait to see the finished gazebo! BEAUTIFUL!!

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