Friday, December 31, 2010

Romantic Dollhouse Gazebo: Mannequin Pis Fountain

I've finished the dollhouse Mannequin Pis fountain. The fountain was interesting to make. I followed the instructions on PBworks. I just used Polycrylic gloss to make the water.

This is what it looked like when I poured  in the gloss in. For the running water, I used the plastic strips that I glossed. The stream coming from the 'Mannequin Piss' is just a plastic line filament. I got it from a price tag off a new shirt.
At the bottom of each place where the water seems to be flowing, I used little clear beads. They are the ones without holes. I always get some with each bead bag I buy. I didn't know why I was keeping them until I read the PB instructions!
For the paint finish I started with making a aging stain. I mixed black, brown and water to thin it down. I applied the stain to all the nooks and crannies. This really brought out the details!

Then I applied the greens. I used a dark green and a spring green.

To finish it off I used 2 shades of golden browns. These 2 shades look like rust.

The trick here is to do many steps. Every time you add  a layer of detail, the fountain looks more and more real.


  1. Oh goodness, how I wish I had some dispensable cash to buy this!!! That is just amazing that you did that!!!

  2. It turned out so incredible!!! I love it- the water looks so real ♥

  3. AMAZING! You are just the master of these things. I 'THOUGHT' that I saw that little cherub doing that when I saw the post of the finished gazebo! LOL! It truly looks so realistic - Great job!