Sunday, April 24, 2011

1920s Cottage Dollhouse: Interior

Today, I had some interior decorating fun. I did these little matchstick blinds from a place mat.
I usually spray the curtains with hairspray to keep them in place. But this time I just ironed them the way I wanted them to look.
I painted some roses on a yellow background to put above the fireplace.
I did a molding that was a little different. I have no idea where I saw this type of molding. I just had it stuck in my brain for a long time!
This is the other downstairs window. I love the cafe curtains in cottages. I also putt the matchstick blinds here.
This is the upstairs. I painted a couple more rose pictures to put up here.
I decided on a striped blue roman shade for the attic window.
The front door is still drying. It will go on next.


  1. Caroline, obrigada pelo comentário. É verdade, a minha mãe adorou, e mostrei-lhe o seu blog e ela também adorou as suas casinhas.
    Esta está a ficar linda como todas as outras!

  2. Your painting is very nice and I love your blinds, it was a good idea to use a placemat I will have to remember that tip.

  3. so sweet- I love the molding! Your houses always have such a cozy feel to them- like if you were house hunting you would feel the pull to move on in :)

  4. What a darling little house! I love the attic room, so cute!!!

  5. Oh my God! I love those cafe curtains!! Where do you come up with these ideas, they are gorgeous! And the matching drapes... And the roman shade upstairs!! Oh, everything is just so lovely. I want to live there!!!!

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