Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Artist's Cottage Dollhouse

I got the artist's cottage dollhouse done.

The  rose paintings were very easy to do. The potted flowers are all fabric I dyed and cut into a 5 petal shapes.
The things on the table are all glued down. I didn't want anything to get lost.

 The curtains are a very light pink tint cotton. They have cream bows.

I listed this dollhouse in my Etsy shop. And I'm ready for the next idea to come!


  1. Absolutely divine! Someone is going to be one happy owner of this! :)

  2. Ok, this one is just seriously TOO much!!! You have totally outdone yourself with it! The little paintings in there are works of art in themselves!!

  3. My word it's cute, just oozing charm :)

  4. What a charming house you have done.


  5. Utterly adorable!!!
    You really ARE SUCH A CLEVER GIRL!!!
    I love everything about this...
    floorboards look so real...even the ambiance you have managed to create inside this sweet little place....makes me want to pick up a paintbrush and start painting something!!
    Well done Caroline.
    (Don't know HOW you are going to top this one)

  6. Hi again!
    Thank you for the fine comments on my blog.
    I have tried to reach your e-mail, but
    someting is wrong.
    Have you cleared your mailbox on the net?
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    Look at the red one and give me a comment.

  7. Hi Caroline, Your doll house is adorable. Thank you for visiting my blog and the info. We have an appointment coming up with the liver doctor and I put the med down to ask about when we go. It is tiring and stressful with all of the doctors, but anything to keep him going You always try to learn as much as possible and if there is a medicine that may help we are willing to try. We will be married 48 years this October. Take care. Your Missouri Friend

  8. How precious! You did an amazing job with the finest details.
    You have a huge talent!
    PS I just became a follower and found you through Shirley's blog.

  9. I think this is my favorite house of yours so far- I am in LOVE with it! I love every single little detail- amazing work Caroline!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Pensaba que te habia comentado tu preciosa casita.
    Tienes un estilo particular y maravilloso para hacerlas, me encantan!!!!
    Todos los detalles que has puesto y que has cuidado muchisimo.
    besitos ascension

  11. That is absolutely gorgeous, love it!!

  12. I think i'd like to live in this little cottage! Just BEAUTIFUL!

  13. Oh My! I adore what you have created here! Can I move in???

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