Sunday, June 19, 2011

A touch of Provence: French Stone and Stucco Cottage Dollhouse Paintings

Today, I put up the curtains and paintings.
Some of these I printed off the internet like the Cezanne ones. Others I painted myself.
I changed the gingham fabric of the real restaurant to this flower and vine one. I thought the colors were very Provence.
This is my Lizzie! She's very dollhouse tiny! She doesn't even weigh 3 lbs. She never poses for pictures. This is the first time she's smiled for the camera! LOL! Lizzie will be 2 years old next month. I just thought you might like to meet her.


  1. Hi are adorable!

    Your dollhouses make me want to crawl inside...I LOVE miniatures and you are so absolutely creative!

  2. Lizzie says thank you Ladydi47.
    Sometimes I wish I could fit in them myself!

  3. Your Lizzie is so cute. I haven't been to visit for a while so tonight I am trying to catch up with all of my friends. It has partially been blogger and I have been busy. To many irons in the fire. One will be gone at the end of the month when I close my boooth. Your doll house is coming along very well. It was interesting how you made your tile roof. Have a great week. Your Missouri Friend.

  4. The paintings are lovely its looking really good your do is adorable so tiny bless.

  5. Nice to meet Lizzy, she is veru cute.
    Your little shop is going to be so beautifull, i love the rustic look of it!

  6. Your collection of paintings is stunning. It catches the eye and retains it because of all the beautiful colours it contains.

  7. The stucco cottage looks really cosy now :)
    I love your little doggie Lizzie :)
    I have a pomeranian (black one) her name is Bo, she will be 13 years old in august!

    Warm hugs Jollie

  8. LOVE all the paintings!!!!

    I want to scoop Lizzie up and give her kisses- she is adorable!!

  9. A cortina e os quadros ficaram lindos!!!!

  10. Oh I am loving this one! The paintings look amazing!!! Your little doggy is precious too:)

  11. Hi Caroline,
    Good to hear from you as always,
    and thanks that you are enjoying these happy times for us, that is a very special thing!

    Your lil lizzie is so cute, bet she has a sweet personality! like her Mommy.

    Love the progress you have made,
    a gallery cool, who would just have so many great ideas.

    blessings for more and more creative ideas................
    blessings, Nellie

  12. What a great house! I love all the paintings and I love how the roof looks! :) You've made a good choice with the house style!

  13. A casinha ficou linda, gosto muito como sempre. Se tivesse que escolher uma casinha até agora não sabia qual, gosto de todas! Cada uma mais que outra!
    Gostei muito de conhecer a Lizzie! Muito fofinha!

  14. Que maravilla de cuadros, quedan genial.
    Que bonita es Lizzie!!!
    besitos ascension