Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A touch of Provence: French Stone and Stucco Cottage Dollhouse Tile Roof Continued

I finished putting the tile roof on the dollhouse and I aged it.

I had the idea of having a lot of mortar stuffed between the tiles. I think it looks very rustic.
I also gave the plaster a couple of coats of the paint. It's a very yellow cream color. It looks like margarine. I am going to age this paint later.

I painted the inside plaster the same color.


  1. looks good!!!

    nice and old...very good!!

    have a nice day!!
    greetz manuela

  2. It does look good! Very rustic, I like how you have aged it.

  3. It looks very rustic. Color is very succesfull and looks so old. Hugs Kati

  4. Enhorabuena has hecho un fantastico trabajo con esas tejas.
    besitos ascension

  5. You have made amazing tiles out of wooden shingles!! They are very convincing! This little house is very sweet!

  6. I like the house but the roof looks very real. Beautiful !

  7. WHAT ..?!?!? No moss, in anywhere!?!!
    I was only joking * grin "

    Fantastic job .. As always: 0)

  8. love the roof and the idea of using shingles. just busy building a large provence house...
    how did you age your tiles? can you pls give me some advice?
    thanks stacks!

    1. I aged my tile roof with a paint/water mixture. Brown acrylic, a little black acrylic and water. It has to be watered down enough so it's not just paint. But not too much or no color will stay. I play with it until it's just right. Super simple! But another simple way is to get ink pads. Those are awesome. I get a brown one usually. But there are so many colors!
      By the way my tiles are pine shingles. I used the hot glue gun nozzle (with the gun turned on) to bend them very slowly while they are a wee bit moist. The heat will set them. Some will break. But most will be fine. Then I put plaster(spackle) under them-- plenty so it oozes out. Hope this helps!

    2. caroline, many thanks. that helps... actually any info helps :-)
      take care, marion