Sunday, December 4, 2011

A Shabby Chic Farmhouse and Dolls!

I've been obsessed with tiny dolls for a while. I've studied them and collected a multitude of ideas from all over the internet. All of them have a fairy/Blythe quality about them. And of course they must be shabby chic! Well with the help of my sister this is what we came up with...
We used air dry clay. The arms and legs are stringed together in a very primitive way. They have a cream paint with varnish on top. The dresses are bits of tea stained cotton and lace.
I made the crowns from screen material, glitter and a little button embellishment I painted white and rusted. The back has some seam binding ribbons.
The hair is hemp twine.
This one has a longer neck. I really have to give them names!

The Shabby Chic Farmhouse is also finished. But there has been rain all weekend and no light. But I'll show you some pictures anyways. 
Hopefully, tomorrow will be brighter!

And Thank You Gloria from The Little Red House with the White Porch for mentioning me on her Christmas decoration post. Love ya Gloria! <3!!


  1. Your little dolls are beautiful. I love your house.
    Hugs Maria

  2. Damn! Even though I mentioned your lovely items on my post for today(for anyone reading this comment of mine: your lovely items are FOR SALE on Etsy... a "plug" on YOUR own blog. LOL!), I am STILL mad that you saw my new post before I came to visit YOU! Why oh why must I always be late? LOL! I am always the LAST to comment on my other buddy's blog: "The Quintessential Magpie" too! LOL! Well, let me address this post of yours....
    When I saw that little dolly in your HAND, oh my... She is adorable!! Yes, you must name your little girls! They fit so nicely in your dollhouses too and I love their outfits. And it's so cute you are collaborting with your sis!
    (Don't let Lizzie get a-hold of one of them, she might think it's one of her babies and steal it off to her bed. LOL!)
    Gloria xxoo
    P.S. Thanks for mentioning me in this post. :) xxoo

  3. P.S. Sorry! I'm back! LOL! I forgot to say that I LOVE their hair and I LOVE the bows in the back... I LOVE ribbons anywhere, of any kind!

  4. Your dollys are spectacular! I just love them.

    Hugs XX

  5. Hi Caroline! How fun! Your dolls are so sweet and fit so well with the style of the houses. I love the shabby chic farmhouse too! I saw the lovely porch and was considering putting a pergola on my new shabby chic cottage. Probably not this time, since I have such a steep learning curve, but you've definitely inspired me! :-)

  6. Hi Caroline, Your houses are always amazing and the dolls just make me wish I had a girl in the family who would love them. I keep telling my other half I am going to get me a doll house. He looks at me as if I have lost my marbles. I keep telling myself someday. I have been visiting just not where I could leave a comment. Have a great week. Your Missouri Friend.

  7. Your little dolls are lovely!


  8. The fairy dolls are so cute, I'm in love with them!
    I also really enjoyed the Farmhouse Shabby Chic. ;)

  9. so beaautiful dolls! I love your works:o)

  10. La casita es una maravilla y esas pequeñisimas hadas son preciosas.
    besitos ascension

  11. Amazing beautifull doll ;-)!!!!

  12. I love your little dolls! They're so dainty and girly.

  13. Oh Caroline how sweet are they! Look at those faces! You girls did such a wonderful job creating them. The house is so beautiful! I love the little doll and how she looks on the porch. =)