Monday, March 12, 2012

Cinderella Moments Rose Tutorial

I've had a lot of questions about how I paint my roses. My swooshing!  So here goes.
It really doesn't matter what brand of paint you use. Whatever is around! I have a yellow, green, red, pink and....
white. I buy a lot of white! So here it is in a quart.  You'll only use a minuscule amount though.
Also a regular brush. Not too big, not too thin. 
I keep the colors in the caps and some white on a post it note. O.K. are you ready?
Start with  red dots to see where your flowers will go (there's some white in there because I didn't clean the brush after dipping it in the white to go onto the post it note). VERY IMPORTANT!!! DO NOT CLEAN YOUR BRUSH between steps. All the colors getting mixed up gives it a great look. Back to the roses! 
Load the brush with white, pink and red.
Here's the swoosh! Swoosh one way, under the dot  like you are writing a "u" from left to right.
Now swoosh above the dot from left to right.
Now it's just back and forth adding swooshes going out further and further until you like the size of your rose.
  Here  I'm adding white for a highlight  It's really nothing! Once you have something that suggests a rose STOP! Sometimes my red center gets lost and I have to put it back in.
Now lets do leaves!
Mix some yellow and green just a bit. Load your brush. More green than yellow.
Oops! Too much yellow!
I added more green. I'll fix that later.
The best is when you have a bit of pink/red showing through the green from not cleaning the brush after painting the roses.
I'll fix my boo boo by sticking another rose in there.
The rose buds are so simple. Just load the brush with pink, red, white or however you like. And drag the brush from the leaf toward the outside of the painting. Done!
I made a front door with the same technique.
But here I added white in the leaves for even more contrast.
Want to see faux panels?
For the outer edge of the panel I used a light brown color. Any will do. And some white.
The tan goes on top and right. Then mix a little white to make a lighter version of the same color and put it at the bottom and left. You could even add a shadow(black watered down) and put it on the inside of the darker tan lines.
So this is the way I make my roses. I've tried the classic way, but it takes so much concentration!! This is much more easy.
By the way, I have no secrets. If you ever have a question about anything I've made please don't hesitate to ask.I don't always think of my work as tutorial worthy.  I've also added some tutorial links from previous posts on the right side bar (Heather's suggestion. Thanks Heather!)
Hope this rose tutorial helps you out!


  1. Muchisimas gracias por el tutorial, no soy muy buena con los pinceles, me tiembla el pulso.....pero lo intentare jeje
    A ti te uqedan fantasticas esas rosas.
    besitos ascension

  2. Wow you are so talented!!
    These beautiful roses are absolutely stunning!
    I can't see me doing that... but... you never know lol!
    Thanks for sharing your wonderful tutorial :-)

    Hugs Jollie

  3. Thank you for the rose tutorial, it is usually so much easier than I try to make it! (I will let you know if this is true in this case lol) Thank you, Mini Blessings, Kim

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  5. Wow, Caroline. Thank you so much! The roses are gorgeous. I love tutorials!

  6. Woohoo!! Look at you go! Now I REALLY need to get down to business and try this out! Thanks so much for making this great technique into a tutorial!
    Heather :o)

  7. Caroline, What a great tutorial! I love how the door looks. My favorite combination has always been pale blue with pink roses!! Yours are perfect! Thanks for the tutorial.

  8. I love your tutorials, Caroline! This one is especially fun! Thanks for adding the tutorials down the sidebar. I definitely want to re-read the chandelier and concrete ones. :-) Jennifer

  9. Muchas gracías!! Te quedan de lujo, muy bonitas, me encantan!!!
    Besos de las Malu´s.

  10. Eres muy generosa Carolin, al compartir este tutorial con todos!
    Yo lo intentará, pero no creo que me queden como tus preciosas rosas.
    Un abrazo

  11. thank you so much for this tutorial!!!!! It seems easy..... I'll tell you when I'll try.........I'm afraid that the result will be not like your!!!!

  12. Thank you very much for the tutorial. Still dont think i could make roses look so great :D Fantastic work.
    Hugs Maria

  13. Thanks to share it!!
    Lovely roses

  14. Beautiful!!! Thanks a lot for tutorial :-) I don't think that I'll can do so pretty like you ... ;-) but I'll try

  15. Hi Caroline, what a gorgeous workshop of your beautiful roses :)
    Thank you sooooo much for sharing it with us,I will now give it a try !!

    Hugs Mieke xxx

  16. Te quedan estupendas, me encantan, gracias por el turorial :)

  17. Great tutorial!!! Thank you so so much, Caroline.

  18. An awesome tutorial Caroline, thanks!

  19. Muchas gracias por este estupendo tutorial!!!!Tus rosas son fantásticas!!

  20. wowoowow this is so lovely post
    i am not a good painter
    this will help
    thanks for sharing this post

    and thanks for stopping by my blog

  21. Śliczne róże ;) ! Cudne są ;-) Pięknie to wszystko wygląda ;)
    Serdecznie pozdrawiam

  22. Hi Caroline,
    You are so generous to share your techniques!!
    Rescently I painted some tiles for my kitchen with tiny roses, I painted my roses in a sort of stensiled effect, but they are nowhere near as lovely as yours:0) Your roses are divine and I would love to have a go at painting some this way, thank you so much!!
    Vicky xxx

  23. A great tutorial, Caroline! Thank you very much.

  24. Thanks for the awesome tutorial, Caroline. I love your work and the Bake Sale stand is so cute! I just had to tell you that I appreciate you taking time to show all your beautiful work!

  25. Thanks for the tutorial. Your roses are fabulous.
    Bye Faby

  26. C'est plus que réussi et ça a l'air si simple!!!!!Je ne suis pas doué en dessin mais je vais essayer tout de même!

  27. Thank you for this marvellous tutorial. Your blog is wonderful to follow.

  28. Muchas gracias, a tí te quedan preciosas, no creo que yo pueda hacerlo. Besos.

  29. Hola Caroline¡¡¡
    Gracias por enseñarnos un poco de tu arte¡¡¡
    Tus trabajos me tienen enamorada
    Un beso grande

  30. This is sooo helpful! Thank you, I was just asked to paint roses on some shelves for my first sale and discovered my roses are blobs lol. Im gonna try your method and see if i can make magic too lol

  31. Caroline, your tut on roses is fabulous! You demonstrated so very well! Thank you so much for sharing with us.

  32. Caroline... Well, I'm going to be doing some of the roses...someplace, that's a given. thanks for the swooshing lesson. And, thanks for the lovely sweet words about my kitchen...I love hearing nice things, don't we all?
    ttyl.. xoso Sandy

  33. I love your swooshy roses thank you so much for sharing your technique for others to enjoy, blessings, Maureen.

  34. You just make it look so easy!

    It's your talent that makes it happen. :)

  35. Wonderful tutorial, thank you! I´ll try it!

  36. Your dollhouse is the sweetest ever! Love your "swish" roses. Christie

  37. Thank you for this wonderful tutorial.
    Hugs from Craftland

  38. Oh yes, your work is more than tutorial worthy. Thank you so much for sharing this. Can't wait to give it a try :)
    Jannet XXX

  39. It's a good tutorial, this technique always surprised by the simplicity of achieving tiny roses.

  40. Muchas gracias por este tutorial,me encantan tus rosas,hace muy poco que he conocido tu blog y tus trabajos me parecen espectaculares,un abrazo muy fuerte

  41. I love this! My grandmother handpainted light pink roses on our China, for our wedding before Shabby chic was even popular. I love
    your style, it reminds me of her technique, beautiful and easy sweeping of her brush. You have encouraged me to try this.
    Thank you.
    Found this post on Pinterest!

  42. merhabalarrrrrr
    cok guzel anlatmissiniz...sevgiler bahcemden

  43. thankyou for sharing your talents with me and so many and you make things so clear and simple and your right about that gorilla glue here at my house we hide it from each other! lol your truly blessed with your God given talent and giving blessed ..........Melissa

  44. Great tutorial. What brush stroke did you use to make the leaves?

  45. I love this tutorial